Russian President Vladimir Putin sends congratulatory message to Team Spirit after winning the prestigious Dota 2 tournament

Tram Ho

Team Spirit, the fledgling Dota 2 team has overcome all prejudices to become the new champion of The International 2021, the international Dota 2 tournament with a total prize pool of more than 40 million USD (more than 910 billion VND). Not only did Team Spirit receive the first prize, the Aegis shield with a prize money of 18 million USD, but Team Spirit also received an invaluable spiritual gift: a congratulatory message from President Putin.

Tổng thống Nga Vladimir Putin gửi điện chúc mừng Team Spirit sau chức vô địch giải Dota 2 danh giá - Ảnh 1.

Image of Team Spirit lifting the champion shield.

Congratulations on a well-deserved victory at The International 2021 – the world level Dota 2 tournament, ” Putin wrote in a post on . “ For the first time in history, Team Spirit is a Russian team that has won the prestigious tournament. Good job!

On the way to the championship, you guys showed great leadership and unity, and in the decisive skirmishes, which were tests of skill and character, you were able to focus and take advantage of strong opponents at the most crucial moments. You guys are proof that our e-sports players are steadfast in their goals and capable of conquering any heights .”

After 10 years of waiting, the prestigious Aegis shield returned to the Eastern Europeans. The journey of Team Spirit, the dark horse of The International 2021, is also fraught with difficulties when the start is not very smooth. They had to face all the teams that were supposed to be championship contenders, and then faced the defending champion of TI for two years in a row. But with individual excellence and collective solidarity, Team Spirit has accomplished the unthinkable.

President Putin’s congratulation both shows the echo of the biggest esports tournament in history, and shows that e-sports is on the rise. Soon, the look at “video gaming,” or “professional video game competition” will take on a different face.

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Source : Genk