Russian intelligence agencies were hacked and stolen 75,000GB of data

Tram Ho

There are many countries in the world that allow people to access the internet comfortably, but Russia is not among them. Russia strictly controls the internet and this makes many Russian citizens use VPN browsers like Tor to hide their identity from government surveillance and to use the internet the way they want.

Despite efforts to solve this problem, the Russian government has suffered a bitter defeat.

Cơ quan tình báo Nga bị hacker xâm nhập và lấy cắp mất 75.000GB dữ liệu - Ảnh 1.

SyTech, a contractor of the FSB – Russian Intelligence Agency – has recently been hacked by a group of hackers named 0v1ru $. Hackers hacked into Russian intelligence systems and stole 75,000GB (or 7.5TB) of data. This has caused many Russian projects to be exposed, including plans to develop tools to eliminate the anonymity of Tor network users.

The attack took place on July 13 and 0v1ru $ entered SyTech’s Active Directory server to gain access to the company’s entire IT network. After hacking and data theft, hackers also deleted SyTech homepage and replace with “emoji Yoba face” a significant symbol troll with the Russians.

0v1ru $ shared screenshots of SyTech’s server on Twitter and then shared the stolen data with Digital Revolution, another hacker group. Last year, Digital Revolution successfully hacked Quantum, another FSB contractor.

Cơ quan tình báo Nga bị hacker xâm nhập và lấy cắp mất 75.000GB dữ liệu - Ảnh 2.

According to what 0v1ru $ shares on Twitter, 6 important FSB projects have been leaked. In it, Nautilus-S is one of the biggest projects and its purpose is to eliminate Tor’s anonymity by using fake Tor servers. Thanks to this, the Russian government can easily track people and their activities on the internet. Meanwhile, another project called Nautilus focuses on collecting user data on social networks like LinkedIn, Faceboook …

There are also projects such as Reward (infiltrating P2P networks against torrent software) and Tax-3 (the initiative to create a closed network to store judges’ sensitive information / data, Administrative officials are safe, separate from the internet).

After the leak, SyTech’s website is still inactive. Meanwhile, the 0v1ru $ Twitter account is also disabled but it is unclear whether it was closed by Twitter or because this hacker group closed itself.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ