Russia currently requires all smartphones in the country to have local software installed

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Russia currently requires all smart devices – including phones, computers and TVs – in it to have Russian software preinstalled, according to what some locals call “anti-law”. Apple “.

The law applies to all equipment produced domestically from yesterday, April 1, onwards.

According to Reuters , Russia sees this as a way to help Russian software companies compete with international companies. Apple also agreed last month to suggest people install a list of software from Russian developers when they first set up the installation on the phone.

Nga hiện yêu cầu tất cả smartphone ở nước này phải cài đặt sẵn phần mềm nội địa - Ảnh 1.

List of applications developed by Russia for iOS.

The company says it will provide apps from Russian developers to users when activating the phone, but all the apps have been tested to ensure they meet the privacy and security policies of the company. Apple. This means users will be able to choose Russian apps instead of foreign apps when setting up their device.

In a tweet yesterday, an iOS developer named Tian Zhang shared a video of the new setup process.

A screen in the settings pops up a message saying: “In compliance with Russian legal requirements, please continue to see the applications available for download”. Clicking the “Continue” button will take the user to a list of Russian-made apps, including a handful of apps from search giant Yandex like Yandex.Browser, Yandex.Maps,, a translation public service of the government and what is like a Russian social networking service.

Russia is trying to crack down on US tech companies in the country and increase its dependence on government-controlled “internet sovereignty”. Last month, Russia slowed Twitter in response to its refusal to remove various banned content on the platform. But that eventually caused the internet to block many other domains, including the Kremlin website.

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