Rumor: Apple is about to launch “gaming” Macs in 2020, at very reasonable prices

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Apple’s line of Mac computers has clearly never been aimed at gamers. While some of their products have separate hardware that allows them to run games reasonably well, the Mac’s primary user base tends to be like a business machine.

However, that may change in the near future when a report shows that a “gaming” Mac will be available in 2020, and even more noticeably, when it is more likely to have a The price is very reasonable – compared to Apple.

Tin đồn: Apple sắp ra mắt máy Mac gaming vào năm 2020, giá rất hợp lý - Ảnh 1.

Page Patently Apple said there are rumors from the supply chain in Taiwan about an “gaming” Apple Mac for a price of up to $ 5,000, designed specifically for the purpose of targeting the electric sports market. death.

This will be the first time Apple has entered the market, but it is unclear whether the device will be a high-end desktop or MacBook Pro, although rumors claim that it may be an All In computer. One is like an iMac or a gaming laptop.

Considering just how easy the new Mac Pro is to upgrade, a similar machine could be the most potential candidate for a Mac gaming machine. The newly launched 16-inch MacBook Pro and earlier high-performance Macs are difficult to upgrade for regular users because the components are often soldered, so they are unlikely to be devices. For gamers, who often want to get their performance customized with replaceable hardware.

There is also another question about what kind of games can run on MacOS. Apple’s Mac computers often use AMD GPUs, which are not optimized for games, so it may be very limited in the number of games for the platform. However, it is likely that Apple will provide configuration options for customers who want a Mac gaming machine.

Tin đồn: Apple sắp ra mắt máy Mac gaming vào năm 2020, giá rất hợp lý - Ảnh 2.

Apple Arcade, even for the Apple ecosystem, is not suitable for the eSport market.

Apple Arcade is a clear proof that the company is serious about gaming, but the titles of this service are not suitable for eSport players. Such games often require a monitor with a higher refresh rate – a feature that does not appear on the newly launched 16-inch MacBook Pro line, even if it is expensive.

Despite these obstacles, industry experts say the high profits from Apple’s supply chain for gaming devices as well as the strong growth of eSports will be positive reasons for Apple to join. enter this market.

But like any other rumor, no matter how reasonable it may be, you have to wait for more information until you know for sure it will happen or not.

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