ROG Phone 5 exposed with the secondary screen behind

Tram Ho

The beginning of the year is a “golden” time for firms to launch new high-end product lines, including Xiaomi, Black Shark, ZTE Nubia or Vivo iQOO. ASUS is no exception when recently, information about the next generation of high-end gaming phone called ROG Phone 5 (it’s not clear why ASUS “leapfrogged” from generation 3 to 5) has been revealed quite a lot. on social networks.

Recently, more pictures of the ROG Phone 5 appeared on the TENAA certification page, showing that it seems that ASUS will not just release a version of this gaming phone.

Specifically, from the image above we can see a completely new version of the ROG Phone 5, codenamed Ioo5DB (if you remember, the previous Chinese domestic version was also leaked. code name is Ioo5DA). The B version times the back panel is different from the images we saw earlier when it comes equipped with (which appears to be) an extra display. In a similar location, the A will be the Republic of Gamers logo with a glowing LED strip.

ROG Phone 5 lộ diện với màn hình phụ sau lưng - Ảnh 1.

ROG Phone 5 standard version (left) next to the “better” version with additional screen (right)

Due to the absence of the Tencent Gaming logo (the local version is usually subsidized by Tencent to reduce the price of the device), this version B of the ROG Phone 5 is expected to be the international version, or a higher-end version sold in certain markets, and possibly called ROG Phone 5 Pro for example.

ROG Phone 5 lộ diện với màn hình phụ sau lưng - Ảnh 2.

Actual image of an instance of ROG Phone 5

In terms of hardware configuration, whatever version it is, ROG Phone 5 will still come with the most powerful Snapdragon 888 chip, up to 16GB of RAM, with a 6000mAh battery, support for 65W super fast charging. It is equipped with 6.78 inch AMOLED screen with 144Hz refresh rate. In terms of design, we will still have a bold design characteristic of the ROG Phone line ever.

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