Robber arrested for paying phone bill in the middle of a crime

Tram Ho

In Japan, convenience stores are almost everywhere, providing all kinds of services that people normally use. If you’re in a busy urban area, you’ll never have to go too far to buy anything, whether it’s food or stationery.

Unfortunately, this convenience is also prone to criminal behavior, allowing a robber the ability to attack multiple stores in a single sweep of an area, if they are daring enough. And on January 11, a 20-year-old man living in Osaka city was arrested for robbing four convenience stores in a period of about 20 minutes.

According to the police report, the first store was attacked around 3am. At the time he is said to have threatened the clerk with a 20cm long kitchen knife and demanded that the person hand over the money. Escaping with 60,000 yen (about 10 million VND) in cash, the person then attempted to attack three other convenience stores in less than half an hour. Fortunately, no victims were harmed.

Tên cướp bị bắt vì mải thanh toán hóa đơn điện thoại giữa lúc đang phạm tội - Ảnh 1.

Convenience stores are everywhere in Japan.

And if that still isn’t fast enough, the suspect is also said to have stopped at another convenience store between his third and fourth robbery attempts. However, instead of threatening the sales staff here, the suspect demanded to pay the phone bill with the money he had obtained a few minutes earlier.

It was this brief moment of responsibility that proved the downfall and revealed the true identity of the robber. After the first robbery, police used surveillance camera footage to track his movements between stores. All are within a 500 meter radius. They then used the phone bill payment transaction records to easily identify who the robber was.

Tên cướp bị bắt vì mải thanh toán hóa đơn điện thoại giữa lúc đang phạm tội - Ảnh 2.

The speed of the robber’s crime surprised even the police.

After his arrest, the suspect admitted to the offence, saying he was struggling with money. Japanese netizens also had the opportunity to once debate this somewhat unusual crime.

“It would be funny if he tried to pay the bill at the store he robbed.”

“Perhaps after three successful attempts, he must have felt invincible.”

“I wonder if he has a smartphone addiction.”

“He seems to feel that the risk of not having a cell phone is worse than committing a robbery.”

“It’s like a real-life Grand Theft Auto game.”

Perhaps Rockstar Games’ video game is partly responsible for this. It’s not because of the guideline of the offense but to instill in people the mentality that just wait a few minutes for the stars above the screen to disappear after a crime so that they can continue their activities properly. normal as if nothing happened.

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