RMIT valedictorian: “Students who want to pursue technology work should be brave”

Tram Ho

“Students who want to pursue a career in science and technology have the courage to do what they want,” is the message from the valedictorian of IT at RMIT University Vietnam last year, Vo Thi Cam. Linh.

RMIT Vietnam's valedictorian valedictorian in 2019 Vo Thi Cam Linh is the only female graduate of the university with an impressive score of 3.94 / 4.0.

Currently holding the position of DevOps – software development and operation engineer at a Danish information technology and business consulting company, former RMIT Vietnam student Vo Thi Cam Linh encourages female students to follow. pursue a career in science and technology and be boldly committed to doing what you want.

“Follow what you love and be good at, and make the most of your school time. Gender does not affect your academic achievement as well as your job choice but an effort ”, shared by RMIT alumni Vo Thi Cam Linh.

RMIT's top female IT subject joins Danish businesses | "Girls who want to pursue a career in technology, be bold."

RMIT Vietnam female student Vo Thi Cam Linh (pictured on the right) attends an exchange event organized by the university.

Identifying herself as a thinking and critical person, female student Vo Thi Cam Linh shared that her curious nature wanted to know "how to develop an application" that led this girl to study major. Information technology at RMIT Vietnam.