RMIT University launched Information Technology at the Hanoi campus

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The program will launch and enroll in Information Technology in Hanoi from September 2020 and officially start teaching from October 2021 after more than 10 years at the city campus. HCM City.

The teaching content is updated to closely meet the needs of the market based on feedback every 6 months from an advisory board consisting of many personnel working at large companies in the industry (VNG, KMS Technology, WizeLine, Bosch, Navigos …). Graduate quality recognized by the Australian Computer Association (ACS).

Lecturers of the industry come from major technology organizations and corporations such as: Dr. Dang Pham Thien Duy, Senior Chair of the Bachelor of Information Technology program – Research Excellence Award of the Australian Computer Association (ACS ), Dr. Jonathan Crellin – Former advisor for High Tech Crime Department and Computer Forensic Investigation specialist (UK), Dr. Yossi Nygate with more than 15 technology patents, Dr. Dinh Ngoc Minh from Dai Study Monash (Australia), Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh – Former Director of eMED, …

Ms. Julia Gaimster, Dean of Science & Technology, RMIT University, said that the university’s training program in information technology is among the top 150 universities in engineering and technology in the world, and Top 10 in Australia (according to the prestigious QS Rankings of the UK).

According to Julia, students will be trained for 3 years, receiving a bachelor’s degree that is globally valuable. During the first year, students will study the foundation subjects of the Faculty of Science and Technology. From the second year, students are allowed to choose to study intensive electives in areas such as programming, data science (Data Science) and big data (Big Data), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile apps (Android, iOS) … – are updated knowledge, in line with future technology trends 4.0, opening up for RMIT IT students many opportunities to choose. Work. In the third year, students have the opportunity to participate in projects working directly with enterprises and are encouraged to do internships to gain more experience before graduation. The proportion of interns who are kept working after graduation in the IT industry at RMIT is 100%.

Đại học RMIT ra mắt ngành Công nghệ Thông tin tại cơ sở Hà Nội - Ảnh 1.

RMIT IT students are fully trained to meet the needs of recruiting high quality personnel

The program is entirely in English to help students improve their communication skills with foreign partners, contributing to increasing job opportunities and advancing rapidly after graduation.

In addition, the school also trains students in soft skills such as communication, teamwork, project management skills, presentations, and the ability to quickly learn to respond quickly to work requirements. constantly changing.

During the study, students can participate in exchange and transfer programs at RMIT Melbourne (Australia) or more than 200 RMIT partner universities in 40 countries around the world with tuition fees in Vietnam. .

Đại học RMIT ra mắt ngành Công nghệ Thông tin tại cơ sở Hà Nội - Ảnh 2.

RMIT students are learning in a modern, practical environment

Graduates of information technology at RMIT have international qualifications and are qualified to work in many countries around the world, including 19 countries with developed economics such as the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan. Edition, Korea, Singapore …

According to representatives of RMIT University, the school launched the information technology industry at the Hanoi campus in the context of the recruitment market requiring high quality personnel. Many major technology corporations in the world set up working bases in Vietnam such as: Qualcomm opened its first office and laboratory in Hanoi, Google chose Bac Ninh to invest in Pixel, Amazon and Home Depot production. Increasing supply sources in Vietnam, Samsung also built a new large-scale regional research center in the capital …

Đại học RMIT ra mắt ngành Công nghệ Thông tin tại cơ sở Hà Nội - Ảnh 3.

RMIT IT students learn practical knowledge and skills

According to a survey of Topcv website, in the first quarter of 2020, the recruitment demand of information technology industry increases (50%). The personnel that employers are looking for in the new era need solid professional capabilities, soft skills and proficiency in foreign languages ​​to adapt in a multinational environment. To meet this demand, RMIT has brought the strength of training bachelor of information technology from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

At RMIT University, students learn on advanced technology, world-class facilities and equipment. The school applies the Authentic Assessment method (Comprehensive Assessment) to grade students through open tests, group work projects, presentations …

According to the school’s statistics, up to 95% of students have jobs after 3 months of graduation and 5% go to graduate school. With 3 elements: high expertise, strong soft skills, good foreign language, RMIT branded students have great prospects for advancement to senior programmer, project manager, technology director …

If you are interested in this industry, you can sign up for the online seminar “Prospects of Information Technology in Vietnam Post-COVID” with the participation of industry experts, faculty, and RMIT alumni. . On the same day, the school organized an online IT trial class with Dr. Jonathan Crellin at 15-16 o’clock.

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