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Currently, on the market there are many different laptop lines that hit this desire of users, and LG gram is one of them. So, what is the highlight of LG gram compared to competitors’ products? Especially how thin and light?

Super light with a weight of only 999g

Currently, a laptop model with a weight of about 1.2-1.3Kg has been evaluated as relatively light. LG gram far exceeds this threshold, when the 14 “version only weighs 999g. However, the most impressive are the two screen versions 16″ and 17”. Laptops with such large screens often have to weighing over 2Kg, but with its “magic”, LG was able to cut it down to only 1190grams for the 16″ version, and 1350grams for the 17th version. The 16″ version is also recognized as a laptop by Guiness. 16″ lightest in the world.

Đánh giá LG gram: Đắt xắt ra miếng - Ảnh 1.

The secret behind this “magic” of LG is magnesium alloy material, the high-quality material used for spaceships. Therefore, this material is not only lightweight, but also provides high durability, which is very important for a laptop product like LG gram. The weakness of this material is that it doesn’t create a premium look like metal, but that’s what users are forced to “sacrifice” to get super light weight. To compensate for this point, LG gram has a square design and is dressed in black to make the design more elegant.

Thin, light, but still quality

To reduce weight and thickness, many manufacturers are forced to trade off by cutting a few features on the product such as battery life, connectivity or typing feeling. However, per gram, LG doesn’t have to give up any elements.

Regarding the screen, the gram 2021 includes three versions, 14″, 16″ and 17″. 14″ is the right size for most users, but for those who are more demanding, two new 16″ and 17″ versions “It really makes for a very different experience. With a 16:10 aspect ratio screen and thinner bezels, users get an extremely spacious space, allowing them to work with large spreadsheets, run multiple applications at the same time or edit photos while still being able to work with large spreadsheets. there is room for the toolbar. In addition, 2K resolution for sharper images, more accurate colors and brightness.

Not only “have eyes”, LG gram also makes users “happy hands” thanks to its high-quality keyboard and trackpad combo. Gram’s keyboard has a large 1.6mm key travel, integrated with 4 numpad numbers (on 16″ and 17″) versions to help users enter data quickly. The trackpad of the LG gram 2021 is significantly larger in size than the old generation.

Currently, many thin and light laptops have lost connection ports, or only use USB-C ports, causing users to have to carry adapters, annoying and entangled. Fortunately, LG gram is still fully equipped with the necessary ports, including 2 Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, microSD card slot and headphone jack; Allows connection of any device without the need for an adapter.

Battery life is another strong point of the LG gram. With a battery capacity of 72Wh on the 14″ version and 80Wh on the 16″/17″ version; LG gram easily helps users get through a full working day (8 – 10 hours), or even up to 25, 5 hours (with 14″) without a charger. In case users need to charge the device, LG gram supports fast charging based on the popular USB-C standard.

To provide the best work experience, LG gram has a relatively powerful configuration with an 11th generation Intel Core chip with integrated Iris Xe GPU, 8GB/16GB RAM and 256GB/512GB/1TB SSD. With no discrete GPU, LG gram is not the choice for gamers. However, this is completely understandable because LG gram is a thin, light machine for work, not for gaming. In addition, the absence of a discrete GPU also improves the battery life of the device.

LG gram

High price, but worth it for the right users

With prices from 34.9, 39.9 and 44.9 million respectively for the 14″, 16″ and 17″ versions, obviously, LG gram is not cheap.In fact, if only in terms of configuration, the price of LG gram is relative. expensive.

However, a laptop like the LG gram shouldn’t be priced based solely on configuration. Because, the value of LG gram lies in the overall value, when users will get a comfortable working experience from an ultra-thin, ultra-light device that they can take anywhere.

On the market today, it is not easy to find a device as comprehensive as the LG gram. It is this uniqueness that is the reason why the LG gram is priced so high, and so “coveted” by many people.

For most users, they will probably be willing to buy a laptop heavier than LG gram, more inconvenient than LG gram to save money. However, many users today are willing to spend a large amount of money in exchange for having the most effective working tool. And for such users, the LG gram is indeed expensive, but “expensive”.

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