Review JBL Live Pro + TWS: “Top of the line” noise cancellation, good sound quality, durable battery for just under 3 million

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The trend of listening to mobile music is now not only which type is better, but which type must be convenient, with more useful features to be noticed. Typical of these is active noise cancellation technology – an indispensable feature on any current high-end wireless headset.

Đánh giá JBL Live Pro+ TWS: Chống ồn “đỉnh chóp”, chất âm hay, pin bền mà giá chỉ dưới 3 triệu - Ảnh 1.

JBL Live Pro + TWS with compact design, “extremely strong” noise-canceling promises to stir up the 3 million VND headphone segment.

To meet the needs of users, JBL has also just entered the field with the Live Pro + TWS headset model, integrated active noise cancellation, durable battery and most of today’s most advanced technologies, but the resale price is just under. 3 million VND.

Experience JBL Live Pro + TWS: Enhance music quality. Eliminate noise.


Key Features of JBL Live Pro+ TWS


– Diaphragm: 11mm, 20Hz – 20kHz

– Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth Low Energy

– Headphone weight: 5g each side

– Weight of charging box: 49.5g

– Battery capacity: 55mAh (headphone), 500mAh (charging box)

– Charging time: 2 hours (wired), 3 hours (wireless)

– Battery life: 7 hours (noise canceling off), 6 hours (noise canceling on), 28 hours (including charging case)

– Active noise cancellation with 3-microphone system, 3 specialized noise-cancelling modes

– Smart Ambient technology recognizes the smart environment

– Clear conversation with directional microphone and noise cancellation

– Compatible with virtual assistants Google Assistant and Alexa

– IPx4 . splash-proof

– Color: Yellow, pink, white and black


The familiar sound quality of JBL house

The first point to mention with JBL Live Pro + TWS is the respectable sound quality. Hard fans of the company will certainly be familiar with the thick, powerful sound that JBL calls this Signature Sound.

Đánh giá JBL Live Pro+ TWS: Chống ồn “đỉnh chóp”, chất âm hay, pin bền mà giá chỉ dưới 3 triệu - Ảnh 3.

The familiar strong sound quality of JBL is still there but has been optimized to suit more genres and music tastes.

However, instead of just focusing on the V-Shape sound with overwhelming bass, Live Pro + TWS has been tweaked a bit, becoming more balanced, the mid range is not “sink” but still clear enough. to enhance the singer’s voice.

Of course, the bass quality and detail are still perfectly fine, suitable for many music tastes of today’s young people, not just focusing on electronic music and dance music.

Đánh giá JBL Live Pro+ TWS: Chống ồn “đỉnh chóp”, chất âm hay, pin bền mà giá chỉ dưới 3 triệu - Ảnh 4.

Want to watch movies or listen to music JBL Live Pro + TWS all “weigh” well.

In particular, another big plus is that JBL has a very detailed Equaliser option in the control application. You can fine-tune the tonal ranges according to your own taste without any limitation. This is also the key for JBL Live Pro + TWS to better respond to more genres of music.

Active noise canceling is the best in the market

The second commendable point of JBL Live Pro + TWS is the “cool” active noise cancellation. At the highest setting, the headphones can almost completely cut out the bass and mid-noise. From the rumbling of cars on the street, the sound of fan engines, air conditioners or the voices of people around them all disappeared, returning an extremely quiet space.

Đánh giá JBL Live Pro+ TWS: Chống ồn “đỉnh chóp”, chất âm hay, pin bền mà giá chỉ dưới 3 triệu - Ảnh 5.

Just one touch on the headset can switch between noise canceling and Ambient Aware mode.

Compared to high-end in-ear wireless noise-cancelling headphones on the market, Live Pro+ TWS is almost not inferior in noise cancellation, even superior to some other big names.

In addition, this pair of headphones also integrates Ambient Aware mode, which captures external sound and plays it back into the ear. This feature is very convenient when you want to chat with others without taking off your headphones or want to listen to music and not miss the surrounding sounds, for example, walking on a busy street or listening to announcements in the city. airport, pier.

Đánh giá JBL Live Pro+ TWS: Chống ồn “đỉnh chóp”, chất âm hay, pin bền mà giá chỉ dưới 3 triệu - Ảnh 6.

Sitting in a noisy office with JBL Live Pro + TWS’s noise canceling turned on is the “peak”, comfortably focusing on working.

Durable battery with enough fast charging, wireless charging

The charging box of Live Pro + TWS is not only compact, but also has enough wireless charging and fast charging. Specifically, just put the headset in the charging case for 10 minutes and you will have 60 minutes of continuous music playback immediately. Charging via USB-C cable only takes 2 hours to fully charge the charging case, and if using wireless charging, it only takes 3 hours to wait.

Đánh giá JBL Live Pro+ TWS: Chống ồn “đỉnh chóp”, chất âm hay, pin bền mà giá chỉ dưới 3 triệu - Ảnh 7.

The battery life of JBL Live Pro + TWS is extremely “stable”, one and a half times higher than the current average.

The duration of using individual headphones reaches about 6 hours if noise canceling or Ambient Aware is turned on. This is also a high level compared to other products on the market, which is only about 4-5 hours. When the noise canceling is turned off, Live Pro + TWS reaches about 7 hours.

The battery level above is when the music is turned on at about 60% volume. If you turn it on smaller, it will last longer, and vice versa, if you turn it on, it will decrease.

Smart control application, versatile

Đánh giá JBL Live Pro+ TWS: Chống ồn “đỉnh chóp”, chất âm hay, pin bền mà giá chỉ dưới 3 triệu - Ảnh 8.

The JBL Headphones application interface is well-organized, with many essential features to provide a more perfect audio experience.

Like many other mid- and high-end headphones, JBL develops a separate software on smartphones to control and change the necessary settings. The JBl Headphones application allows us to change the noise canceling mode, Ambient Aware, Bluetooth line quality, Equaliser, touch operations, automatically stop music when removing the headset …

Worthwhile choice in the segment under 3 million

With good sound quality, effective noise cancellation, compact design and dozens of high-end features, JBL Live Pro fully deserves a 10 point, especially with an extremely competitive price, only VND 2,990,000. .

This is an option suitable for a wide range of users, from dynamic young people who like to experience to office workers, freelancers who need quiet to work anytime, anywhere.

Đánh giá JBL Live Pro+ TWS: Chống ồn “đỉnh chóp”, chất âm hay, pin bền mà giá chỉ dưới 3 triệu - Ảnh 9.

Reasonable price, good sound quality, “delicious” noise cancellation and many necessary accessories, JBL Live Pro + TWS really deserves an upgrade.

If you are using Android and want to experience good noise-canceling headphones like AirPods Pro, or are using iPhone, iPad but want to listen to higher quality music, you can also choose JBL Live Pro + TWS. No matter which smartphone you are using, this pair of headphones can respond well without worrying about “burning out your wallet” because of the high price.

If interested, you can visit HERE to order and see more information about JBL Live Pro+ TWS.

JBL Live Pro + TWS headphones will soon be available in 4 colors black, white, yellow, pink, for

Orders are allowed from July 17, 2021 to the end of July 28, 2021.

The first 3000 customers who order will receive a gift set worth VND 2,090,000 including:

– 01 JBL Go 2 speaker worth VND 690,000

– 01 high-end headphone case worth VND 460,000

– 01 e-code worth 399,000 VND to buy any JBL or Harman Kardon product with

order value from 990,000 VND at website

– 01 e-code worth 541,000 VND to buy JBL T110BT headphones (after applying voucher

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Note: The e-code is sent via SMS after the customer activates the warranty and takes effect

force until September 5, 2021.

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