Review iPhone 6S Plus after 4 years of sticking: Good enough for me to continue using it until it can’t be repaired.

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* Review article by editor Emanuel Maiberg – Motherboard page.

As soon as it launched in September 2015, the iPhone 6S Plus received many winged reviews from prestigious magazines. The Verge said: ” This is the best iPhone ever, and also the best smartphone on the market today (2015) “. Tech Radar said: “With the iPhone 6S Plus, Apple has breathed a breath of fresh air into its phablet product line .” Wired doesn’t hesitate to call, ” You need to buy a new phone?” The good news is, buying iPhone 6S Plus is done . ”

When the iPhone 6S Plus was released, Motherboard didn’t write any reviews, but I personally bought one for myself. And seriously, I had never intended to stop using it since then until now, leaving the phone for a few hours would not be enough. Now, after 1,434 days, I am finally ready to give my assessment for this smartphone.

Đánh giá iPhone 6S Plus sau 4 năm gắn bó: Đủ tốt để tôi tiếp tục sử dụng cho đến khi nó hỏng không thể sửa nổi mới thôi - Ảnh 1.

A little late, but here is my iPhone 6S Plus review after nearly 4 years of use.

In short: the iPhone 6S Plus is a very good phone. And in a parallel universe, it will be the last phone that you accept to spend money to buy (because it is so good, there will be no need to upgrade any more). But life is not like a dream.

After rummaging through my email, here are some basic information that I think need to be addressed in this article: I bought the iPhone 6S Plus at 6:17 pm on 11/3/2016 at a Apple store in Manhattan, USA. In addition, I also buy 2 accessories, a black leather case that costs $ 50 and a Lightning cable, $ 30. Plus the $ 850 price of the iPhone, taxes and a few other surcharges, I spent $ 1009.27 (about 23.4 million) – a pretty large number at 4, 5 years ago.

However, the price is exactly the point I most satisfied with the iPhone 6S Plus, in terms of its lifespan. I use it continuously for many hours every day, for days, even years. My tasks range from texting, reading online newspapers, watching videos and using a variety of other messaging applications. I sometimes play games, take photos and record every interview.

Đánh giá iPhone 6S Plus sau 4 năm gắn bó: Đủ tốt để tôi tiếp tục sử dụng cho đến khi nó hỏng không thể sửa nổi mới thôi - Ảnh 2.

In general, the iPhone 6S Plus is more than adequate to meet my needs.

Also, since I own this smartphone, I often drop it at least once a day whenever I stand up and sit down. But that’s okay, because I use many different types of protective covers. Until 2018, I accepted to not use any type of case anymore after a debate, about what the truth is, I can’t remember it now.

In April 2019, I dropped it again on the concrete floor at the VICE newsroom. As I wrote above, my iPhone is now “naked”, not used anymore, and that has made the phone screen badly scratched. At the same time, its battery is not as buffalo as when it was purchased and only lasted a few hours to turn off. So I decided to bring it to the repair shop, dealing with both issues above for a fee of 185.09 USD (4.3 million VND).

This is probably something that Apple did not want me to do. Why not? The Apple House has always made it difficult for 3rd party repair facilities to even sue them if necessary and always do so that only they can repair their products. After all, Apple’s ultimate goal is to force users to go to the Apple Store to repair the device, or to spend money to buy a new device from them. But sorry, I didn’t do that here.

In an age when technology changes at a dizzying pace, I’m truly amazed that my 6S Plus lives that long. I dropped it hundreds of thousands of times, and constantly downloaded a series of new iOS updates that only the next generation could weigh. And yet, it sounds a bit unsanitary, but I think I need to share this frankly: This iPhone has to suffer all kinds of waste from me because I often take it to the bathroom with me! Each time, I cleaned it with alcohol or disinfectant.

But that’s still not the worst. The upper right corner of the device is a pretty visible, very unappealing stain. After going to the repair shop as I wrote above, my phone screen suddenly became a bit too sensitive, resulting in me accidentally texting and calling others when I put the phone in my pocket. , pocket. One day when I was walking my dog, I pulled out my phone and discovered that it had been locked because I had entered the wrong password too many times, even though I hadn’t touched it yet. Now every time I dropped the device, the screen even left the frame a little longer, and I had to press it again.

Đánh giá iPhone 6S Plus sau 4 năm gắn bó: Đủ tốt để tôi tiếp tục sử dụng cho đến khi nó hỏng không thể sửa nổi mới thôi - Ảnh 3.

My 6S Plus has been tasting all kinds of honey, but strangely, it still lives up to now.

In short: My iPhone 6S Plus has almost gone through the worst things that can happen to a smartphone.

But apart from the aforementioned issues, it still met my needs well, just like the first day I bought it. I don’t know if anyone else is using an outdated phone like me. My wife also bought an 6S Plus the same day as me, and now she’s been born twice. Similarly, Motherboard’s editor-in-chief Jason Koebler has changed the phone twice, first with a 7 Plus and Now is the iPhone 11 Pro.

I can not understand why I still stick with this 6S Plus while relatives and colleagues have changed the device so many times. I don’t think I’m a mean or a cheap person. I have a reputation for being a “spearhead” for luxury technology goods. For example: My PC is extremely expensive with the most modern components, and has been continuously upgraded over the years.

I’m not afraid to spend money, but I hate to spend money ignorantly. I don’t think I should change my phone every 1-2 years just because Apple releases a new generation every year – that’s a lack of money.

When I see someone using a better, more modern smartphone, I don’t have to be jealous of them. I didn’t need to unlock my phone with my face, I didn’t need a bigger screen, and I didn’t need a camera to upgrade. On the contrary, it is they who are jealous of my 6S Plus: It has a physical Home key, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and saved me thousands of dollars rather than joking.

Đánh giá iPhone 6S Plus sau 4 năm gắn bó: Đủ tốt để tôi tiếp tục sử dụng cho đến khi nó hỏng không thể sửa nổi mới thôi - Ảnh 4.

Why do we have to spend a few hundred to thousands more dollars to upgrade the machine every year? Just because Apple launched a new generation?

My smartphone has everything I need: Reading news and writing articles on the Internet. It was my first and only “big screen” smartphone to date. Steve Jobs himself also asserted that customers will not want to buy products with large screens, until Apple continues to increase the size of their smartphones. They’re going against Steve’s words, and it’s pointless that phones are increasingly taking up more space in people’s pockets and pockets.

In today’s era, smartphones can be considered as a window to the outside world: The bigger the window, the more you can see. However, most of us forget that this world is not all pink, so seeing more does not mean better. I don’t know about you, but I personally have no sympathy for the world seen through the “window” smartphone: Lines of bad news every night, messages from parents announcing their departure. of a relative – all is not good at all. I know it also helps me to update daily good news, but that is not enough for me to adore and continually upgrade it.

Although Apple has developed Screen Time feature, I really have difficulty limiting smartphone use. So I believe Screen Time is the scornful smile that the Apple family gives me – a phone addict, by making extremely detailed statistics of the total time I burned for the 6S Plus.

I don’t use Twitter like many others, and have removed the app since November 2016. However, I often watch YouTube videos before going to bed, and one day I stayed up until 3am to watch TikTok. When I got up, my shoulder muscles hurt terribly because I had to hold the phone in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Since then, I’ve been trying to fix this situation by leaving my phone on my desk before bed, rather than taking it to bed with me. And so is the health of everyone.

Đánh giá iPhone 6S Plus sau 4 năm gắn bó: Đủ tốt để tôi tiếp tục sử dụng cho đến khi nó hỏng không thể sửa nổi mới thôi - Ảnh 5.

Although a bit “diapers”, but I will stick with my iPhone 6S Plus until it is broken beyond repair.

To me, the iPhone 6S Plus is like a neutral item now: I insist, I don’t love it. But not because it is outdated, but because it has so much technology that I think is unnecessary for me. Having a better phone is probably fun, but only for a short period of time, and then it will be like this 6S Plus. If so, I think I should not have to spend more money to upgrade, and again feel troubled by the new modern technology that is not really useful to me.

There will definitely be days when my 6S Plus will be broken beyond repair, and the iOS versions will become so modern that it can’t be weighed anymore, or a serious security error forces me to change devices. to ensure your information security. But from then until then, I will stick with my smartphone. It has more than enough to meet all my needs. If it still works, then I will never give it up. If it fails, I will still fix it until the impulsive force is gone.

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