Revealing NanoDragon: The “Make in Vietnam” satellite will launch in late 2020

Tram Ho

The launch of NanoDragon satellite will mark a new step of Vietnam in mastering satellite technology.

NanoDragon is a micro satellite model developed by a team of Vietnamese engineers. NanoDragon has a weight of 10kg, which is a kind of small size satellite.

This is a product of the project “Researching, designing, manufacturing, launching and operating nanoscale satellites” of the National Program of Science and Technology on Space Technology in the period of 2016 – 2020.

When launched into space, this satellite is responsible for testing technology on controlling the direction of the satellite in orbit. In addition, NanoDragon also has the function of testing the automatic identification of ships with nano satellites.

Lộ diện NanoDragon: Vệ tinh Make in Vietnam sẽ phóng vào cuối 2020 - Ảnh 1.
Micro satellite model of NanoDragon. Photo: Trong Dat

As expected, NanoDragon will be launched into space by the end of 2020 under the Rocket Launch Program of the Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA).

NanoDragon satellite was researched and manufactured by Vietnam Space Center – VNSC (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology). This is the next step in the process of mastering satellite technology in Vietnam. Previously, VNSC has successfully researched and manufactured PicoDragon satellite (weight 1kg) and MicroDragon satellite (weight 50kg).

Vietnam is one of the countries most affected by climate change. According to the NASA report, the use of satellite data can reduce up to 5% – 10% of the total damage caused by natural disasters (about 0.05% of GDP).

Mastering the technology of designing, manufacturing and operating satellites will help Vietnam to be proactive in image sources, not dependent on foreign countries, especially in urgent situations when natural disasters or disasters occur.

MicroDragon satellite model – a satellite model with a weight of 50kg manufactured by Vietnam was successfully launched in 2019. Photo: Trong Dat

After gradually mastering satellite technology through the design and manufacture of small and super small satellites, Vietnam will develop satellites with advanced radar technology such as LOTUSat-1 satellites. ants are launched in 2023.

LOTUSat-1 is capable of capturing high resolution images of the Earth in all weather conditions both day and night. Image data collected from LOTUSat-1 satellite will meet Vietnam’s urgent need for image sources, provide accurate and timely information in response to natural disasters and climate change, natural resource management, environmental monitoring, serving socio-economic development.

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Source : Techtalk