Reuters: A number of US suppliers have been licensed to sell to Huawei

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A few days ago, the Trump administration unexpectedly extended Huawei for another 3 months so that US suppliers could return sales to the Chinese telecommunications company, after the company was brought in. blacklisted 6 months ago due to national security concerns. This is supposed to assist carriers in rural America who are using Huawei equipment to provide services.

The Commerce Department said today it has started licensing a number of companies to sell to Huawei, expanding its supplier list and creating opportunities for long lines of companies waiting to be sold. selling billions of dollars worth of goods to this company.

Reuters: Một số nhà cung cấp Mỹ đã được cấp phép bán hàng cho Huawei - Ảnh 1.

However, it is not clear which products will be licensed this time. A US official said there are currently nearly 300 licensing requests, about a quarter of which are being processed and about half of the remaining – meaning ¼ of the license requests – have been approved, while a quarter of The remaining has been rejected.

A person close to the incident said that a number of licenses had been granted for telephone and non-electronic components.

In its statement, the US Department of Commerce said, “The department is granting limited licenses to allow specific and limited activities, so as not to pose a significant risk to national security or to the benefits. helpful to American foreign policy.

The Semiconductor Industry Association, which welcomes the Commerce Department’s announcement, said the sale of non-sensitive products to Huawei would help ensure the competitiveness of US chipmakers, “which is also necessary for National security.”

The Trump administration is also working to sign a first-phase trade agreement with China to end the tit-for-tat trade war that is shaking the market and affecting global growth.

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