Retired from Apple in 2019, Jony Ive is still involved in the design of the new iMac of 2021

Tram Ho

Although he has left Apple since 2019, but according to a recent review of the Wired site, former Apple design director Jony Ive still helps his old company design the iMac 24. new inches.

In 2019, Jony Ive left Apple to start his own design company, with Apple being one of the first customers. Prior to that, during his time at Apple, Mr. Ive was the person who oversaw the design and development of many of the company’s renowned products, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and iMac.

Nghỉ việc tại Apple từ năm 2019, Jony Ive vẫn tham gia thiết kế nên iMac mới của năm 2021 - Ảnh 1.

Apple later confirmed to Wired that Mr. Ive was indeed involved in the development of the new iMac, but did not say whether his new design firm, LoveFrom, assisted Apple with the design of the machine. this novelty or not.

The Wired report says:

Apple has another reason for citing its old design. Jony Ive was also involved in the design of the new iMac, despite leaving Apple in 2019. Hardware design is a long process. long, perhaps so it’s not surprising that Ive’s imprint is still present on the entire new desktop, but what’s interesting is that Apple hasn’t confirmed or denied whether he designed the 2021 iMac after leave the company or not – or is this the design he once outlined while still in the company .”

The new 24-inch iMac is the first iMac redesign in years, with an emphasis on surprisingly thinness, an Apple Silicon M1 chip, and new color options.

Refer to MacRumors

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