Rename: Facebook’s strategic move or the ‘cicada escape’ in the middle of a scandal?

Tram Ho

According to Reuters news agency, Facebook’s name change will not change much in the context of policymakers and users increasingly frustrated with this world’s largest social network.

Recently, The Verge has revealed that Facebook is intending to change the corporate brand like Google did with Alphabet, thereby to focus more on many other technology areas besides social networks. However, Reuters said this may be just a marketing ploy to reduce public attention with accusations of damaging Facebook’s image.

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Currently, the world’s largest social network is facing intense scrutiny from many countries after the leak of thousands of internal documents showing that Facebook is intensifying the conflict between users to attract more users. viewers.

Facebook is accused of changing the content algorithm to increase controversial topics, taking no action to eliminate the anti-vaccination movement, being aware of the harmful effects of Instagram on underage girls but not take action…

“Policymakers and politicians are smart enough not to be fooled by this renaming prank,” said Atlantic Equities analyst James Cordwell.

Đổi tên: Bước đi chiến lược của Facebook hay chiêu trò ve sầu thoát xác giữa bão bê bối? - Ảnh 2.

Sharing the same opinion, brand expert Marisa Mulvihill of Prophet consulting firm said that rebranding is an effective strategic step for firms to maintain their image in the midst of a scandal. However, they won’t stop the media and authorities from continuing to investigate just because you changed your name.

Meanwhile, Deborah Stafford Watson, chief strategy officer of consulting firm Elmwood, said the change of name would help Facebook limit the impact of the scandal on other products such as WahtsApp, which has 2 billion users worldwide. bridge, or the Oculus virtual reality headset.

According to Prophet’s ranking, the popularity of the Facebook brand with Americans has decreased continuously in the past few years, especially among young people.

Several companies have taken similar steps in the past. In 2003, Philip Morris cigarette company changed its name to Altria to avoid affecting the food business Kraft Foods that it acquired. While the name changes didn’t change the media’s and consumers’ negative views of the tobacco company, they did reduce the impact on the group’s food business afterward.

According to Reuters, Facebook is taking a similar step, changing its name not to change the allegations but reduce the impact on the brands it owns.

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