Removing the charger on the iPhone saved Apple 861,000 tons of metal

Tram Ho

Apple has just said the decision to get rid of the charger in the iPhone case has been beneficial. According to the company announcement, this has saved 861,000 tons of copper, tin and zinc. The smaller iPhone 12 case also allows the company to ship more efficiently. The packages also now pack 70 percent more iPhone 12 boxes, according to Apple.

This is the statement given in the Progress Report 2021 Environment, including the accomplishments they achieved in 2020. In addition to the above achievements, Apple also reduce CO 2 emissions from 25.1 million tons in 2019 to 22.6 million tons in 2020. Energy use is also reduced to 13.9 million kWh.

Loại bỏ củ sạc trên iPhone giúp Apple tiết kiệm được 861.000 tấn kim loại - Ảnh 1.

The report also highlights the efforts made by the Apple Materials Recovery Laboratory in Texas to recover materials such as rare earth, steel, and tungsten from recycled iPhones. Apple said that for every ton of material its robot Daisy recovers from the iPhone, there is copper and gold equivalent to mining 150 tons of ore. Apple said that about 39,000 tons of electronic waste was buried last year.

The Apple M1 chip is designed to be more energy efficient, and the company says using the Mac Mini with the M1 processor has helped the company reduce emissions by 34%. Meanwhile, due to the switch to a more energy-efficient charger, the company’s 8th-generation iPad is 66% more energy efficient than the Energy Star rating requirement. Over the past 12 years, Apple has reduced the average energy use of its products by 70%.

Apple’s efforts also extend into supply chains with more than 110 suppliers committed to clean energy. In December, more than 90% of them installed technology to reduce F-GHG emissions related to the screen panel assembly.

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