Remote work avoids Corona virus, but can it avoid hackers’ traps?

Tram Ho

Remote working and its dangers

Work From Home (WFH) means working from home or at locations other than the corporate office. This is a popular concept not only in Vietnam but also around the world, especially in the context of the current Covid-19 epidemic.

Also because of Covid-19, the number of employees forced to work or study from home also increased dramatically. Many people stay at home, the number of people online or accessing the internet has also increased rapidly, leading to an outbreak of network security problems. The main reason is due to the increase in the bad direction of the number of hackers, fake websites, …

Such an increase in cybersecurity issues will cause many bad consequences for both individuals and businesses when working remotely. The first is about information security. When fake websites, malicious ads and junk links are everywhere like now, just accidentally clicking on them is at risk of getting infected with malicious code that tracks and collects user information. If you just carelessly enter personal information on strange websites, including sensitive information such as bank accounts, business account information, both users and businesses are at risk of losing money unjustly. , money in the pocket “flying without wings”.

Làm việc từ xa tránh virus Corona nhưng liệu có né được bẫy của tin tặc? - Ảnh 1.

The number of hackers, hackers and fake websites increases rapidly, putting everyone at risk of falling into a hacker’s trap.

Next, hackers can take advantage of employees’ devices or accounts to indirectly attack the systems of enterprises and state agencies such as websites, software that store customer information, etc. information of hacked agencies and businesses, but hackers can also take advantage of available information in hand to impersonate these agencies and businesses, in order to continue defrauding other victims as a week. Complete never ends.

Peace of mind working remotely with Coc Coc “national browser”

Understanding users’ worries and aiming “for a safe internet for Vietnamese”, Coc Coc Browser is constantly developing features to protect users’ network safety. In the context of family members working, learning remotely and hackers becoming more and more rampant today, using Coc Coc is an effective solution to protect your computer, thereby avoiding attacks. of hackers, limiting the risk of information disclosure for both individuals and businesses.

So what’s so special about Coc Coc that can help users ensure safety when working remotely? First, with the Auto Detect Tracking feature, Coc Coc will help users protect their privacy, automatically detect tracking or data collection behaviors.

Làm việc từ xa tránh virus Corona nhưng liệu có né được bẫy của tin tặc? - Ảnh 2.

When working from home, the feature will help promptly recognize the dangers lurking for users.

This feature is currently disabled by default on Coc Coc browser. Therefore, go to Settings – select the Privacy and security tab. Continue to select “Cookies and other site data”, enable the feature at the line “Send do not track requests with your browsing traffic”. Currently, the feature is supported for the computer version of Coc Coc browser.

Next, every day, users need to access countless websites while working remotely. Can you make sure you’re accessing secure websites? The answer is definitely not. Therefore, Coc Coc has developed the Safe Browsing feature to help display warnings when users navigate to websites containing dangerous content, showing signs of counterfeiting, fraud, typing. steal information or distribute malicious code.

Làm việc từ xa tránh virus Corona nhưng liệu có né được bẫy của tin tặc? - Ảnh 3.

Coc Coc will display a warning dialog box for websites containing dangerous, fraudulent and fake elements.

It would be remiss not to mention the Safe Sites feature that was recently launched by Coc Coc. Specifically, when it is necessary to look up the websites of the Government, agencies and businesses, especially banks, for transactions, the Safe Pages feature will display a green check mark at the official domain names. These websites and domains have been carefully censored by the Coc Coc team. From there, helping users eliminate the risk of accessing fake and fraudulent websites, limiting the risk of information disclosure, falling into financial fraud traps, …

Làm việc từ xa tránh virus Corona nhưng liệu có né được bẫy của tin tặc? - Ảnh 4.

Coc Coc grants green credits for legitimately verified domain names.

Sharing Coc Coc’s proactive defense system against cyber security issues, Mr. Nguyen Vu Anh – Coc Coc Deputy General Director said, “As a technology company with the number of users up to 25 million, the Ensuring network safety for users is always a priority at Coc Coc.In this special period like the present, clusters of security features developed by Coc Coc help you and your business to ensure maximum safety when using Coc Coc. work and study from home”.

Using Coc Coc browser , you can beat the fear of hacker attacks, wholeheartedly study and work remotely from home in the safest and most comfortable way. What are you waiting for without experiencing today to be fully protected from hackers in cyberspace?

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