Register a credit card on MyVIB 2.0 in just 1 minute

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Accordingly, International Bank (VIB) has just developed a credit card registration feature on the MyVIB 2.0 digital banking app to help customers register in just 1 minute and own a credit card quickly and conveniently.

Sign up for 1 minute and enjoy free annual fee for life

Choosing the right credit card line, registering within 1 minute on the app, receiving a card and spending to enjoy countless incentives and free annual fee for life are outstanding experiences with card registration feature. new 100% online credit implemented on digital bank MyVIB 2.0.

Accordingly, in addition to the forms of direct and online credit card opening applied in the past time, now VIB’s existing customers can choose and register any credit card line right on the app. MyVIB 2.0 digital bank with 4 simple steps: Register to open a card – update identity information (if any) – confirm, select card, declare additional information – check card approval status.

With built-in identification information, customers only take about 1 minute to register online. VIB’s system will recommend 3 most suitable credit card lines based on customer information. You only need to choose 1 card line and the desired limit.

Đăng ký thẻ tín dụng trên MyVIB 2.0 chỉ trong 1 phút - Ảnh 1.

After completing the registration process, within a maximum of 60 minutes, a bank staff member will contact to verify the information. During this process, customers will not have to meet the bank staff, but the steps are done entirely on the app and over the phone. Customers only need to log in to MyVIB to check the card issuance and approval status.

From now until the end of March 31, 2023, when opening a new VIB credit card, customers will receive an unconditional 1 year annual fee refund or a lifetime free annual fee when they meet the conditions of valid accumulated spending for 30 years. days from the date of activation and not more than 45 days from the date the card is issued.

MyVIB 2.0 possesses many simple and user-friendly features

Since its launch, MyVIB 2.0 digital bank has been built as a personal financial assistant with features developed based on thorough research on the actual needs of users. With a minimalist and intuitive interface, MyVIB 2.0 eliminates all unnecessary troubles for customers when joining and performing transactions on the application. These are also essential financial transactions, but these features on MyVIB 2.0 are built in the direction of simplification to make the transaction process of customers easy and fast. For example, the batch recharge feature on MyVIB 2.0 allows users to recharge multiple phone numbers/e-wallets/cable TV at the same time with just one transaction. You can customize the amount to top up for each service or recharge your phone and e-wallet with just a few simple steps. Similarly, the batch transfer feature also allows users to transfer money to many people at the same time, can choose who wants to transfer and customize the amount to be transferred for each person.

For shopaholics or those on the go, stopping for a few minutes on the road to enter information when there is a need to transfer or recharge can sometimes cause a lot of inconvenience. VIB has developed voice transaction feature on MyVIB 2.0. Instead of entering information by pressing keys on the phone screen, MyVIB 2.0 users only need to read the command to make a transfer, recharge services or open / lock the card within seconds. Or with the feature of issuing health insurance VIB Care, just a few minutes of clicking and filling out information without cumbersome paperwork is able to own a suitable health insurance package for you and your family. family.

Transactions on MyVIB 2.0 digital bank, customers can enjoy numerous offers 24/7 such as: Unlimited discount of up to 3% on prepaid phone recharge; Unlimited 10% discount on 3G/4G Data Package recharge; 50,000 VND refund when paying SSC tuition fees; Discount 10,000 VND when scanning SmartPay-QR code at CircleK, GS25, 7-Eleven, Mobile World, Bach Hoa Xanh, Dien May Xanh and tens of thousands of other payment acceptance points.

In addition, customers who register to open a card on their birthday or double days 01/01, 02/02, 03/03 and their documents are approved according to the program’s special offer rules, will be refunded. Annually for the first year with a minimum of 1 transaction from 1 million VND within 30 days from the date the card is activated and not exceeding 45 days from the date the card is issued. Details of the rules can be found here.

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