Refresh on Windows is really “divine” or not?

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Windows 11 launched with a lot of changes, the first test version of Windows in addition to the interface, the right-click menu on the Desktop has witnessed a small change but attracted a lot of users’ attention, which is the disappearance of the “Refresh” option. However, with the second beta version of Windows 11, the “Refresh” option has been brought back by Microsoft.

Refresh trên Windows có thật sự thần thánh hay không? - Ảnh 1.

According to the habit of many users, whenever there is a feeling that the computer is running slow, most Windows users often have the habit of performing the operation using the “Refresh” option in the right-click menu outside the Desktop or using keyboard shortcuts. is F5 with the expectation that the device will run faster. But does this action really work or is it just meaningless and long misunderstood? Let’s find out what the Refresh button is and where it comes from to get the answer to the above question.

1. Where is the Refresh option located?

The Refresh option is available in the right-click menu outside the Windows Desktop. Or you can use the shortcut F5 on the keyboard on the Desktop.

2. What is the true function of the Refresh option in Windows?

Actually, Microsoft created this feature to refresh the desktop interface of icons that for some reason don’t refresh themselves. For example, rearrange the icons on the screen, update the new icon, or the icon you delete or add does not disappear or appear, then press the refresh button to refresh them.

Refresh trên Windows có thật sự thần thánh hay không? - Ảnh 2.

3. Does using the Refresh option (or F5) multiple times really make Windows… run faster?

It is quite strange that users never use Refresh once, even though they are sure there is no problem with the computer, they always do it a few times and then stop. The reason is not only due to the misunderstanding that this operation helps the computer run faster, the more you do it, the faster the speed will improve, but also related to a psychological behavior in the human brain. Specifically, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) makes us always obsess, worry about something and have to perform certain compulsive actions continuously to relieve stress.

Refresh trên Windows có thật sự thần thánh hay không? - Ảnh 3.

In addition, another reason is that users imitate the habits of people who work in technology when these people also accidentally have the habit of using Refresh many times.

4. So in the end, should I use the Refresh option (or the F5 key) or not?

It’s normal to use the Refresh option (or F5) on Windows. But it is completely wrong to think that it has the effect of making the machine faster.

If the computer is slow, you should not use the Refresh option (or the F5) key to do anything because it really has no effect on freeing memory or improving machine performance. Instead, try deleting unnecessary applications or restarting your device.

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