Reducing cost burden, increasing remote working efficiency, this solution is being used by Vietnamese businesses

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The epidemic has still lasted so far, many businesses have not been able to return to operations as before but still require employees to work online and work from home. This of course will inadvertently cause many obstacles to reduce operational efficiency and coordination between employees and departments.

Therefore, to facilitate and eliminate these problems, businesses are gradually looking to wireless storage and sharing solutions, also known as NAS network hard drives.

What is a NAS storage device from Synology?

If you’ve heard of NAS devices, you’ve probably heard of Synology. This is a technology company from Taiwan with many years of experience providing solutions for individuals and businesses both in terms of hardware and software. Synology’s flagship product is NAS storage devices.

For those who do not know, NAS is a device used to store and share data over a wired or wireless network, from large to very large capacity, accessible by computers or smartphones. grant permission. This is a fairly popular remote data access and storage solution, but not everyone knows how to choose the right one, especially for use in small and medium businesses.

Synology’s NAS servers stand out for their user-friendliness, high performance, reliability, and flexibility. Its advantage is also to provide agile, cost-effective solutions, solid customer service, and ultimately to ensure flexibility and diversity of choices for individuals and businesses. Enterprises have full ownership and management of the data stored in the NAS hard drive.

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The NAS system is an effective tool to increase operational productivity, process and share information inside and outside the enterprise.

NAS devices provided by Synology in addition to data storage can also help businesses improve work efficiency with the Synology Drive suite of applications.

How does Synology Drive help improve operations in the enterprise?

Synology Drive is the software suite that works in Synology NAS devices. This is a new generation file server solution for businesses, an alternative to Windows file servers and public clouds.

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The NAS system from Sinology has great advantages because it integrates a variety of software and utility applications to enhance operational efficiency.

This software unifies file management applications on Synology NAS, including File Station, Office, Cloud Station. As a result, businesses can simplify data management by synchronizing files on different platforms. In addition, to meet the needs of teamwork in the office, Synology Drive also provides many sharing features to ensure that businesses do not lose data.

Remote access

Synology Drive supports working across multiple devices, working seamlessly with real-time synchronization. For example, every time someone edits or adds a file, this data will be immediately updated on the network hard drive and other members can also see the change immediately.

With just a phone, computer or tablet, everyone can access shared data, helping businesses optimize costs related to providing equipment for employees.

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Data files can be edited in real time right on the extremely convenient Synology Office application.

Data Protection

The ability to protect data is also an advantage when using Synology Drive. Businesses can quickly back up files in their NAS, saving all their important information from ransomware or accidentally deleted by someone.

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The data in the NAS network hard drive is backed up quickly depending on the needs of the business.


Employees of enterprises can access and edit common data remotely thanks to the Synology Office suite of applications. Employees of the authorized group can jointly edit and change data files such as word, excel, presentation slides… and any new changes will be updated in real time. From there, they can share access together or with partners and customers on any platform and anytime, anywhere, just connecting to the network is enough.

Saving operating costs

With a series of useful features, but the best thing is probably completely royalty-free using Synology Drive software for businesses owning NAS network hard drives from this Taiwanese brand.

Convenient to use, diverse features

Giảm gánh năng chi phí, tăng hiệu quả làm việc từ xa, giải pháp này đang được doanh nghiệp Việt quan tâm sử dụng - Ảnh 5.

Synology NAS systems are created for the needs of both individual users and small and medium-sized businesses.

That is the comment of many businesses that have been using network storage solutions from Synology. When using Synology’s products, businesses have the choice to use more services and free software included. Data access and system management are also extremely simple, while the process of installing and upgrading the capacity of hard drives is extremely quick.

Combining both a storage hard drive, a management software and a built-in application system, this is not only a data storage solution but also has all the benefits of a personal computer.

If you don’t know how your business needs a NAS device to match your needs, go HERE to find out the details. tam-su-dung-20220329105607493.chn

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