Realme is developing the Realme OS itself, not wanting to use OPPO’s Color OS anymore

Tram Ho

According to the statement of CEO Madhav Sheth, the Realme brand is developing its own operating system. However, this is just a customized version based on the original operating system, Android. But it shows that Realme wants to be completely independent of OPPO.

Realme is a sub-brand of OPPO phone carrier, its activities and products are independent. However, Realme smartphone still uses OPPO’s Color OS, and according to CEO Madhav Sheth this prevents Realme from providing features that users require.

Realme đang tự phát triển hệ điều hành Realme OS, không muốn sử dụng Color OS của OPPO nữa - Ảnh 1.

Currently the information about Realme OS is still quite small. It is expected that this private operating system will be released around the end of this year or early next year. Although not yet confirmed, it is likely that Realme OS will be developed based on the original operating system, Android Q.

In an interview in April, Realme’s CEO also said: “I believe Android stock (originally) does not bring the best experience. Realme still wants to partner with Google’s Android, providing the best performance, but also wants to give users more new features.

Realme plans to launch a flagship Realme 5 smartphone on August 20. Realme 5 will be equipped with 4 rear cameras, with 64MP main sensor. Most likely at this launch event, Realme will reveal more about the operating system they are developing themselves.

Reference: gsmarena


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