Really virtual JavaScript tests

Tram Ho

  • Không ai hiểu tôi cả, có phải tôi là javascript?
  • Javascript is confusing, As a web developer, whether you like it or not, you have to work with it.
  • I share six tests, which are some magic cases of javascript that I have encountered in real combat.
  • The general topic is cái gì được in ra console? .
  • Take 15 minutes, open the console and practice now.

Lesson 1. parseInt

  • Why d = 5?

Lesson 2. Math.max

Lesson 3. RegExp

  • Why is it sometimes true and sometimes false ?

Lesson 4. and parseInt

Lesson 5. Variable scope

  • Why a = 10 ?

Lesson 6. toString() method

  • Why 2.toString() is getting Error

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Source : Viblo