Re-issue VssID application password for a fee of VND 1,000

Tram Ho

In order to replace the method of texting to the number 8079 to re-issue the password of a personal electronic transaction account with the social insurance agency (VssID account), Vietnam Social Security is piloting the integration of a virtual assistant into the Call Center. customers of Vietnam Social Security 1900.9068 to support people to re-issue VssID account passwords.

Cấp lại mật khẩu ứng dụng VssID với mức phí 1.000 đồng - Ảnh 1.

Pilot re-issue of VssID application password – number via switchboard

Accordingly, to re-issue the password through the virtual assistant on the switchboard 1900.9068, the user can do the following:

Step 1: Use the phone number registered for VssID account to call 1900.9068, press number 8 to select VssID password reset function and follow the instructions.

Step 2: The virtual assistant asks you to provide the social insurance code to recover the password. After you provide the social insurance code, the system will check the phone number you are calling and the social insurance number, if it matches the data managed by the Vietnam Social Security, the virtual assistant will read the new password (password) new will be repeated 1 time to remember).

If there is no match, the virtual assistant will notify “the phone number and insurance number do not match or have not been registered with the social insurance agency”.

Vietnam Social Security also notes that the fee for calling the switchboard 1900.9068 is 1,000 VND/minute, this fee is paid to the switchboard service provider.

Thus, according to the current insurance agency, VssID users can reset their password in two ways:

1 – Use the forgot password function on the VssID application or the forgot password function on (this method requires an email address in the VssID account);

In case when registering for an electronic social insurance transaction account but people do not have information about their email address, people can add their email address through the following channels:

+ Make the declaration TK1-TS to additionally declare email information through electronic social insurance transactions of the collection service unit or organization under management.

+ Make a declaration of change and addition of registration information using the electronic transaction method in the field of social insurance according to Form No. 02/SD-GD, and submit it directly to the nearest social insurance agency.

2 – Re-issue password via virtual assistant on switchboard 1900.9068 (branch number 8).

Cấp lại mật khẩu ứng dụng VssID với mức phí 1.000 đồng - Ảnh 3.

Instructions for re-issuing VssID password

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