Qualcomm intends to produce “Snapdragon Edition” devices in the future

Tram Ho

Qualcomm’s famous Snapdragon chip is currently powering countless devices, and maybe in the future, Qualcomm will work with other brands to create “Snapdragon Edition” products, based on its products. that brand.

Qualcomm có ý định sản xuất "Snapdragon Edition" - Ảnh 1.
Qualcomm Snapdragon Insiders Phone

Don McGuire, Chief Marketing Officer at Qualcomm, shared about potential plans for Snapdragon Edition models that could one day be included in the company’s product line through partnerships with major brands. another, and Qualcomm says it has no intention of directly entering the smartphone market.

“We never wanted to get into the phone business and compete with customers. We’re not Microsoft , said McGuire .

At the moment, these are just ideas of the company, Qualcomm has no official plans so it is not clear what “Snapdragon Edition” products will be different, and although McGuire is aimed at wearable products, but also does not rule out the possibility that Qualcomm will cooperate with smartphone manufacturers to create “Snapdragon Edition” products in the future. Previously, the company also cooperated with ASUS to produce Qualcomm Snapdragon Insiders Phone.

Reference: TechRadar

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