Q2 / 2020: Samsung suddenly overtook Xiaomi and Vivo in the Indian mobile market

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The latest data from market research firm IDC shows that Samsung has unexpectedly regained its leading position in the smartphone market in India in Q2 / 2020. Thus, Samsung has surpassed two previous brands that used to be the top in the Indian market for many quarters, namely Xiaomi and Vivo.

Q2/2020: Samsung bất ngờ vượt mặt Xiaomi và Vivo trên thị trường di động Ấn Độ - Ảnh 1.

Currently, Samsung accounts for 24% market share in smartphones and feature phones in India. Next is Xiaomi and Vivo. But the two Chinese companies only sell smartphones.

If we only consider the smartphone market, Xiaomi is leading with a market share of 29.4%. But Samsung is also actively closing the gap as Samsung’s market share has reached 26.3%, up sharply from 15.3% in Q1 / 2020.

What is the reason why Samsung has such a sudden growth and surpasses Xiaomi?

“Continued challenges in the supply chain force smartphone brands to import directly to meet cumulative demand,” said Navkendar Singh, IPDS and customer devices research director at IDC India branch. compression after the blockade, especially this past June. This is the cause that has increased cost pressure. “

This spike in demand is expected to continue in the first half of Q3 2020 and requires firms to have an extremely stable supply of equipment. IDC expects that the Indian smartphone market will recover at the end of the year when consumers often find cheap and mid-range devices.

Q2/2020: Samsung bất ngờ vượt mặt Xiaomi và Vivo trên thị trường di động Ấn Độ - Ảnh 2.

Top 5 largest smartphone brands in the Indian market

However, companies can seize this opportunity or not depends on how they advertise and access the market.

In Q2 / 2020, Xiaomi’s smartphone shipments decreased by about 48.7% over the same period last year, to only 5.4 million units. Meanwhile, Realme ranked 4th with only 1.78 million units sold, down 37% year-on-year. Oppo’s sales also decreased by 51% year-on-year to only 1.76 million units in Q2 / 2020.

Q2/2020: Samsung bất ngờ vượt mặt Xiaomi và Vivo trên thị trường di động Ấn Độ - Ảnh 3.

IDC said that the Indian smartphone market recorded a sharp decline of 50.6% in Q2 / 2020. From 36.8 million units a year ago, the market sales were down to 18.2 million units. Meanwhile, sales of feature phones in India fell 69%, down to only 10 million units.

This number makes feature phones only account for 35.5% market share of the entire Indian mobile market. This is also the lowest ever feature of a feature phone.

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