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And since then , the series “Explore Python Citadel” was born This is an update of the old overview table, because I re-read the old version it is too sida, so I rewrite it to save your time.


The story is that I’ve been learning Python for almost two years and am working on Python and Django projects. When I first blogged about tech, I didn’t know what to write, so I went to research to save my knowledge from the beginning to better understand what I am learning and doing.

Body post

I choose the 5 topics below that I think are the best to write articles about “Python”, including:

Want to know what Python can do, I need to look through Applications , which seems short, I will combine with Getting Started , Help and Success Stories to become a misty topic at the beginning of the series, creating motivation to go. Next because through this crowd, I must understand the importance of Python and eager for the next journey, thousands of dollars are waiting, kaka.

Next, I’m going to gnaw through the hardest part ” Documentation “.

Actually, I’m also fed up with bad documentation, so I’m not foolish enough to go into the document so it is so wordy. I see there are many more cute options here, such as ” Audio / Visual Talks ” and ” Beginner Guide , looks good, the next post will be about these two kids.

After the pants went over the pants, getting acquainted, and flashing different styles, I must have become more confident, it was time to get into the tiger’s cave. Box, next post will be about the official document.

I tried it out on the docs, in fact he is just an introductory single page, documents are divided into many different levels: Beginner, Moderate, Advanced, General and document of Python3.x and Python2.x resources.

Walking around through the bunch of links, my breathing is no longer steady. As expected of a tiger’s den, gliding around one piece, it was already terrifying. He’s too much. At beginner level like me, just know what to read from BeginnerGuide and follow the Tutorial

After learning the basic Python mist, it is time to stay together for a long time, it is time to learn through its important changes, known as PEPs . There was too much PEPs, I searched through it and there were a few must-read PEPs including:

We will read through some important nuns in a post

(Wipe off the sweat) Oh yeah, next, what’s more, let’s fight?

Scared, the hardest part is over, but the rest are small gifts for those who have fought together here – the last post of the series will go through PyPI, check through how to update Python knowledge, events and jobs

Tada, I da, so we have finished learning Python and must rejoice =))

Kidding, you just passed it like a wind, girl: ”>

It’s fine to pretend like that today, finally, I have a brief summary of the plan for the series, the next articles we will explore more together: ## Explore the Python Citadel plan next according to the:

Part 1: Ignoring Python (Applications, Getting Started, Help, Success Stories)What can Python be used for?

Who succeeded with Python?

Get started with Python

Documentation videos and audios for Python learners and studies

Part 2: Dating with Python (The Python Tutorial)

Computer PI (Python Interpreter)

Data flow control tools

Data structure

Input and output (I / O)

→ Error and exception handling

→ Class

Part 3: Visit Python friend’s house (PyPI)

→ Visit the Python standard library

→ Visit Python’s standard library (part 2)

→ Create virtual environment while working with Python project

Part 4: Going home

→ PEPs must-read

→ Python news, events, jobs


Are you bored with me? I feel a bit bored with myself already, this road is so long.

People who are bored with me will also look at the site. If you are lazy, wait to post the next time to check with me. The articles with links are the ones I have learned, and the listings are still being learned.

Thank you for reading!

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