Python and IDE Installation Guide for Windows 2020

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Different operating systems will install differently, so be aware of those. In this tutorial, you will make sure Python is set up correctly on your system.

Python on Windows

Windows does not have Python available, so you have to install Python, and then Sublime Text.

Install Python

First, check if Python is installed on your system. Open a command window by typing command in the start menu

alt text

In the terminal window, type python command. Note that python must be lowercase

alt text

If the Python prompt (>>>) is displayed, it means that Python is already installed on your system. Conversely, if you see the message as python is not a recongnized command, it means that Python is not installed.

In case Python is not installed, or when you type python command on terminal window with version less than 3.7, then you need to download the installation file for Python Windows.

Try to access the link, drag the Downloads word and click the Python 3.8.1 button as shown

alt text

After downloading, run the installation file. Select Add Python 3.8 to PATH to add Python to the environment variable.

Click the Install Now button to proceed with the installation.

alt text

Click the Disable path length limit button to bypass the MAX_PATH limit of 260 characters.

alt text

Some problems when installing on Windows

In the terminal window, type python command. And it appears as follows:

alt text

alt text

Manage app execution aliases you enter the Start button and then select the app execution manage aliases as shown:

alt text

Toggle Off for “App Installer python.exe” and “App Installer python3.exe”

alt text

Shutting down and reopening the terminal windows and typing python will show python with version 3.8.1:

alt text

Enter the following in the terminal window that will output Hello Python!

alt text

Anytime you want to run Python code, open a command window and type python to start running Python code.

To close the session, press Ctrl-Z and press Enter, or type exit()

alt text

Install Sublime Text

You can download the installation file for Sublime Text at .

After accessing the page, click the “DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS” button to download the installation file

alt text

Forwards open the installation file. Choose where to store the file, here I choose drive D.

Note: The name of the folder should not have a space (space), it is easy to cause a difficult error to support ^^

Next you choose Next

alt text

And continue to click Next

alt text

Select Install

alt text

Click the Finish button to complete the installation.

alt text .


So you have installed Python on Windows and the IDE support for Python is Sublime Text 3.

If you have problems installing, please comment below, I will support you as soon as possible!

Thank you for your interest in this article.


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