Public cameras in Ho Chi Minh City can recognize pedestrians’ faces

Tram Ho

Written by Hai Dang

Many cameras installed on Ho Chi Minh City roads will be able to identify faces to search when needed.

Ho Chi Minh City on 12/5 held a conference to announce the results of the implementation of phase 1 centers under the project “Building Ho Chi Minh City into a smart urban period 2017-2020, with a vision to 2025”.

A security camera on the road in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City – Photo: Hai Dang

Mr. Le Quoc Cuong, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information & Communications, said that the Center for intelligent urban commanding has integrated about 1,000 cameras from the department’s sources. These cameras are designed in different high and low levels to ensure observation of many different angles. Especially among these are quality resolution cameras that can identify human faces.

If you want to search for someone, the camera system will detect and report to the executive board if that person appears at the camera location.

In addition, Mr. Cuong said the system can be “taught” to detect crowded situations, violent acts, security incidents, vehicle problems, … from there. report to the center for the operator to have a handling plan.

In parallel, Ho Chi Minh City will build applications for city leaders to use, can access the system to monitor the process of each incident.

HCM City Party Committee Secretary Nguyen Thien Nhan said that it is necessary to identify sensitive locations for camera installation. Cameras need to recognize the human face to ensure safety for the city. In addition, the application when built must be decentralized to which level of data can be accessed.

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Also at the newly formed Center for Smart Urban Command, reflections on urban order and traffic from 113-114-115 switchboards have been connected to consolidate into a receiving hub. handling.

In the near future, people can contact interdisciplinary only with port 1022. All information of social order and other issues will be reflected through this general portal.

When the center operator receives important news from the people, it is possible to open the camera to determine the position, the status of the case, thereby giving the direction of coordination, the city leader can monitor it too. process.

For reports of people, divided cities or emergency and non-emergency levels. For emergency situations, information will be immediately connected to city leaders. From the application is built, where the city leader sits also access the camera and capture the reflection information.

During this conference, the City also announced to have operated four smart urban service centers. The first center is the Center for intelligent urban commanding of the city as mentioned above, piloting the connection, integrating data of 1,000 surveillance systems of District 1, District 12, Phu Nhuan People’s Committees. Go Vap and Department of Transportation.

The second center is a shared data warehouse and an open data ecosystem for the city. This data warehouse has been operating at Quang Trung Software Park, currently connecting data from Tax Department, Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs, Department of Planning and Investment …

Next is the Center for Simulations and Socio-Economic Forecasting which are taking into account socio-economic indicators, which will officially come into operation from June. established with the goal of protecting safety, network security for data and connections of state agencies in Ho Chi Minh City. This center was approved to establish the City Information Security Center Operation Joint Stock Company, with 51% of the state capital contributed by Saigon Industry Corporation.

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