PS5 ‘sold out’ as soon as it opened for sale in Vietnam, only a few lucky to buy it thanks to … searching by Google

Tram Ho

Officially launched on December 11, 2020, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) – the latest generation of the Playstation series has quickly become one of the most sought-after technology items in the world at the moment. in.

Due to the shortage of supply due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, PS5 has been continuously falling out of stock around the world when user demand is too great. Not to mention, the fact that some sellers use tools such as ‘bot’ software to bulk order PS5 to make a profit on the secondary market makes it even more remote to buy this console. In other words, if you want to own PS5, users are required to spend many times higher than the listed price of Sony.

PS5 cháy hàng ngay khi mở bán tại Việt Nam, chỉ số ít may mắn mua được nhờ...tìm kiếm bằng Google - Ảnh 1.

In Vietnam, PS5 is also the most mentioned keyword by the gaming community in the past week, after Sony announced that it will officially open for sale at the end of March. About 14.5 million VND for the version with integrated Blu-ray drive, many Vietnamese users have ‘predicted’ before that PS5 will fall into a state of ‘not turn to buy’.

In fact, this prediction has come true at 10:00 this morning (March 1) – the time when Sony Vietnam officially allows users to pre-order PS5 on its online store, the Sony Store Online. . According to PV, just 1 minute after the official sale, many users have received the notice of out of stock when accessing the PS5 product page.

“Knowing that Sony will allow users to pre-order the PS5 today, I went to the Sony Store page in advance from 9.30am to wait. However, as soon as I added the product to the cart to proceed to the checkout step, I received a notice from the Sony Store Online page that the product is out of stock, “said Nguyen Viet Hai, a user in Hanoi.

Worth mentioning, there are still a few lucky gamers who successfully ordered PS5 through Sony’s online channel by… searching on Google (?!).

“Since the Sony Vietnam fanpage does not publish the link to the pre-order page, even deleted the banner containing the link at the Sony Store Online page, I was forced to search for keywords on Google to access this link. I successfully ordered in the form of COD (paid delivery – PV) at 10:01. Just a few minutes later, this pre-order link was also locked. “, Mr. Hoang Tung, a user at Ho Chi Minh City said.

PS5 cháy hàng ngay khi mở bán tại Việt Nam, chỉ số ít may mắn mua được nhờ...tìm kiếm bằng Google - Ảnh 2.

According to the information PV has, about 2/3 of the PS5 devices imported to Vietnam are distributed by Sony to its agents. Meanwhile, about a third of the remaining devices (believed to be about 100 units) are sold by Sony online on the Sony Store Online channel. Up to 10:10 am, all PS5s sold through dealer channels also fell into a state of out of stock. Some agents even give refunds to customers who have deposited in advance because the number of machines received is not enough to meet the ordering needs.

Currently, users can still order the ‘portable’ PS5 at some gaming equipment stores. Accordingly, the selling price of these PS5s is significantly higher than the genuine one, about 20-24 million VND depending on the version. However, this price is still significantly cheaper than a few months ago, when the first PS5s were ‘portable’ to Vietnam. At that time, the version PS5 with Blu-ray drive was sold by a store in Ho Chi Minh City for about 34.5 million VND.

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