Project sharing Build a location sharing website using Java Servlet

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Build an attractive location-sharing website – Java Servlet

Build an attractive location-sharing website - Java Servlet

Sharing Purpose

  • The source code so that you can refer to Java Servlet
  • The process of building a complete project including the necessary files as well as how to divide the group of members: Requirement Outline, BlockBoxTestCase, ClassDiagram, DatabaseDesign, TaskManagement, SRS, SequenceDiagram

Details: (Please keep the source if sharing outside)

Purpose Building an attractive location sharing website system that allows advertising and evaluation functions in general view. The main goal of the system is to help individuals – businesses easily post advertising articles, share about locations to promote profitable business development. At the same time, allowing users to easily search, or refer to desired points.

System has the function of user hierarchy should:

  • For logged in users who already have an account, the user can post advertising information and manage posts, and can post comments and reviews in posts by other accounts.
  • For online users: decentralized functionality will hide comments, reviews in posts, where users can only view informational ads but cannot write comments on any articles.
  • For system administrators, the user has the right to browse posts, registered accounts for certificates and statistics of system activity by visits, featured articles …

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