[Programmers’ hard-to-talk] – A few good things to do and how to fix them

Actually, it is quite hesitant to write this article, because sometimes I find myself not so good that I can give advice to others. And once you give everyone the information, you will be recognized first. If there is any mistake later, there is a possibility that someone maliciously would dig up this article to protest against me.

But stop ignoring all of your personalities, trying to write an article to help everyone. Because a generation of programmers has no flaws and is more beautiful to others.

1. Overbearing in a crib

Hách from the cradle is a way of saying "driving" of the Central people to refer to those who have a body odor, especially the bad smell on the sides of the chicken wings. Honestly, few people can hear their body odor, why? Because our sense of smell is often greasy with an odor if we must regularly smell it.

That's why many people can't hear their smell, but that doesn't mean others don't smell it. It is this inadvertence that sometimes causes colleagues to suffer without knowing how to tell the other person to be offended.


Heavy smelly sweat combined with air-conditioned rooms will make the odor impossible to escape, long stay in the air, many people were "killed" nostrils numbly. If you have a strong sweat, take a bath as soon as you can. Early morning before going to work is best, while helping to be alert and clean, sweating over a long night's sleep. After showering, combine deodorant rollers to allow it to persist dry and reduce the odor of the wing membranes. How good the code is but the wing membrane inflammation is not good either.

2. Stinky clothes

It is embarrassing to say, but to say, people who work with multiple computers often sweat. Especially when sitting a lot, stressed and exposed to computer screen radiation. Sometimes, when I go back to work, I'm lazy to wash clothes and hang them off. The day when the rain ends, the clothes are worn back to the old clothes to work, the next person sitting next to him has "passive rhinitis" again.


Because I do not care much about clothes, I understand that not everyone has enough clothes for the whole week. In order to overcome this detail, take advantage of the work of washing clothes and drying up despite knowing it was very tired after 8 hours of work. If it is because of some force majeure, you have to wear the old clothes again, you should buy a bottle of perfume spray to prevent the smell.

3. Death breathing

Working at a business, communicating with people is an inevitable thing. Especially with agile application company, always meeting every morning to present about the problem encountered with teamleader. When transferring words, no one wants to receive more bacteria from the mouths that are not very fragrant.


We are often stressed and lazy, when we are stressed we drink coffee and then drink water to clean our mouth. Coffee with sugar should ferment very quickly so that the mouth smells sour and for a long time it turns into … rotten that the owner of the mouth probably will not know (due to oily smell). In addition, perhaps due to lazy habits of oral hygiene, not many developers have periodontal disease, making the mouth smell very bad without even knowing it. In the long run, if no one is detected and cured, no one will dare to communicate with him.

If you have periodontal, you should go to the dentist and treat it completely from affecting gum and gums later. But only smell due to food, after eating should use dental floss to floss, then use mouthwash to clean it. Especially drinking coffee is finished, use filtered water to avoid being fermented and sour and smelly. On the company I always have 2 cups, 1 coffee and 1 pour water, just drink coffee and drink the dessert water from the foul.

4. Bad foot, bad shoes

This disease is really difficult to cure. Legs are quite a delicate disease, although many people suffer but it is difficult to say. Because of illness, I don't say anything, that can't blame people. But the bad thing about unsanitary footwear is … okay.


Working in the air-conditioned room, the smell of his feet was faintly sour. The reason for bad foot is mainly because the shoes do not wash or scrub carefully. Many times it rains to throw it away and think it dries itself, but instead of drying, it gets moldy and smells sour. Carrying to work, the person sitting next to the company and the whole company could not bear it, like sitting next to a Thai hot pot with bamboo shoots.

If you are lazy, instead of wearing shoes and socks, wear open-toed sandals to avoid getting wet when it is raining and letting your feet sweat away from it. When wearing shoes, do not forget to clean it before going to work. Replace cinnamon shoe pads to reduce odors, if possible, invest in a sterilizing shoe spray bottle and before putting some spray into it to deodorize. Wet shoes go clean and dry before being brought back, wearing wet shoes can both quickly and easily damage your feet.

Fasteners, those are the 4 details that I saw at the current developers. Of course, I myself had to suffer from 1-2 things and successfully overcome. I write here just to hope someone can read and fix it. The first is good for that person, the second is good for me because maybe my colleagues later are clean, fragrant people thanks to this article.

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