Private companies actively build space stations and will soon become new owners in the future

Tram Ho

NASA recently held a $ 400 million competition to invite private companies to participate in the design of space stations.

Các công ty tư nhân tích cực xây dựng trạm vũ trụ và sẽ sớm trở thành những ông chủ mới trong tương lai - Ảnh 1.

NASA needs private companies to design new space stations because the ISS is aging rapidly and NASA doesn’t want to spend money replacing the new one. NASA wants private industry to take over operations in Earth’s low orbit when the ISS ends its mission.

Private companies are now rushing to design space stations to grab a portion of the hundreds of millions of dollars that NASA has promised to support. The deal includes NASA’s help to assist companies in developing space stations and conducting a preliminary design review. Preliminary design evaluation is an important technical step to best prepare the new space station to orbit Earth from the end of 2025.

Several companies have announced that they will design space stations according to NASA requirements. Those companies include the Sierra Nevada Corporation and Axiom Space. Axiom is working on building its own commercial space station and will have a module attached to the ISS before its space station is launched into orbit.

Các công ty tư nhân tích cực xây dựng trạm vũ trụ và sẽ sớm trở thành những ông chủ mới trong tương lai - Ảnh 2.

NASA has changed the way astronauts go into space by privatizing the launch of satellites and missions to resupply space stations. Currently, a number of companies are offering commercial launch services to NASA, including SpaceX. NASA believes partnering with private companies will save them large sums of money.

Partnering with private companies and becoming a user of the space station instead of the owner will save other NASA money in the future.

Saving money is crucial to keeping NASA running as budgeting issues are always the top concern in the US. There is currently no detailed timeframe as to when a private space station could be put into orbit.

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