Preorder the first OPPO Watch with “super good price”, available only at Mobile World

Tram Ho

Therefore, after receiving the direct promotion of up to VND 700,000, customers only pay VND 5.29 million for the 41mm version of the Watch (compared to the list price of VND 5.99 million) and VND 7.29 million for 46mm version (compared with the listed price of 7.99 million dong).

Good price must be purchased quickly because the program is only applicable to customers who pre-order until the end of 7/8. This is an opportunity not to be missed for young people to bring OPPO’s first Smartwatch home right from the first days of sale.

Especially, when participating in the reservation, customers will also be supported with 0% installment payment, a 12-month genuine warranty policy and “1 for 1 exchange” within a month.

Đặt trước siêu phẩm OPPO Watch đầu tiên với “giá cực tốt”, chỉ có tại Thế Giới Di Động - Ảnh 1.

Regarding the first OPPO Watch, in early 2020, Biran Shen – Vice President of OPPO once made users eager to reveal the image of OPPO Watch “hidden” on a mysterious black background, implicitly declaring that this is a smartwatch with design the most beautiful this year. After many rumors, the first OPPO Watch with this brand has officially been revealed on August 1 in Vietnam, making technology believers stand still and want to ‘see with their eyes and touch. in hand ‘this super watch instantly.

Oppo Watch is considered by many to be a ‘super product’ due to many details that fascinate techies: 3D curved design, 6000 series aluminum alloy edges, durability, AMOLED screen, waterproof swimming standard wading, AI custom interface … Along with the VOOC technology, 50% charge in 17 minutes, fully charged in 75 minutes, impressive battery life when used continuously 36 hours in smart mode and 21 days in standby mode. energy saving.

Đặt trước siêu phẩm OPPO Watch đầu tiên với “giá cực tốt”, chỉ có tại Thế Giới Di Động - Ảnh 2.

The OPPO Watch also leads the technology when it comes to the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 dual chip running WearOS from Google. The device allows users to download hundreds of applications to the device, 90 exercises on Google Fit and 5 self-training modes available … worthy of a health care assistant this season.

Mobile World representative said, OPPO Watch will be a “good product” in the second half of 2020. In the first three days of launching online, there were more than 500 customers pre-ordered and nearly 200 customers put down deposits. to become the earliest smartwatch owners.

Đặt trước siêu phẩm OPPO Watch đầu tiên với “giá cực tốt”, chỉ có tại Thế Giới Di Động - Ảnh 3.

For more details and to pre-order the first OPPO Watch “super product” exclusively for retail sale, please see here .

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