Practice Task Management Series with Backlog – P.4

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Save the information in the wiki

Take over and help new members join

During project implementation, you will certainly accumulate the knowledge in the project, as well as the techniques needed to build the environment at work. If these useful information is documented and saved, it will be of great help to replace members of the overall project.

By using project management tools equipped with wiki functions, we can easily save that information very easily without much effort.

Even when people leave, the information is still saved

For those who have the information, there are things that are very trivial but extremely important to the other members. Have you ever had a case, those information holders left the project, and that information became so important that the project was in trouble?

Even if the information is not enough to write a detailed document, you can easily annotate to the wiki as a temporary memo. The more information its predecessors leave, the easier it will be for people to come in later.

Create routes so new people can easily catch up with the team

Unless you are an outstanding person, in most cases the latter will not be able to understand the details of the project more closely than the person participating in the project. Moreover, to catch up with other members, the new members cannot develop the ability with that ability.

If you have documents and work-related documents ready for newcomers to read through, taking part in the project will be much easier and smoother.

Tip – Review the content

Especially for IT-related projects, too old information is often not worth using. Therefore, it is best to check the notes on multiple wikis occasionally, such as when a new member joined the project.

Activate Wiki editing

The common problem with using the Wiki feature is that only a small number of members join the Wiki update, and when those members leave the project, the updating of the Wiki is stopped.

To solve this problem, it is a good idea to activate the editing of Wiki so that all members can join to update the Wiki.

Do not pay attention to the standards of the text

If you annotate the information on the Wiki in a style like business, it will take a lot of time. If the notes take such a time, the Wiki editing will become more and more annoying, gradually the update will stop.

The recording is more important than the format and normality of the text. Because as long as you take notes, you will be able to search and find it anywhere. The ability to access information will be much higher than it is because it is only in the head of each individual.

Do not pay attention to the information if it is useless

The value of the information is determined on the recipient’s side. There are cases where it is useless and valuable information to myself, but for other members it is extremely important information. On the Wiki screen, if you split the page, it will not interfere with the reader, unless the amount of information is very large.

So, don’t pay attention to whether the information is important or not, just write down as much as you can.

Do not notice whether to edit or not

The Wiki has the function to save the edit history, so you can go back to the previous version anytime you want. So if someone’s edit has a problem, you can go back to the previous one.

Active Wiki updates are indispensable in using the Wiki to run projects. Therefore, do not be afraid to edit, but worry that the information will not be modified immediately obsolete.

Tip – Notification updates

Backlog’s wiki has update notifications. By using this feature, you can prevent problems that occur when other members are gathered by editing content on the Wiki.

Flow and Stock

Basically it can be said that the information is stored on the Wiki as much as possible, but it is still better to know how the information will be arranged on the Wiki? To guide the arrangement, we will discuss Flow and Stock.

When saving information on the Wiki, we should divide the information into two categories for easy arrangement.


Flow means “traffic”, which is information with a short expiration date. This information is very valuable right after being born, along with the time and process of project implementation, these values ​​are gradually reduced. This information will usually be: meeting notes, contact information for members, notifications to users, progress management board, etc.

Flow is the information that shows the process of the project. If it is recorded, you can track the progress of the project easily, so it is advisable to record that information.

However, this information is often fragmented and difficult to summarize, so it is not suitable for making notes on the Wiki. If you feel that this information diminishes the enumeration of the Wiki, then consider annotating this information in the comments section of the task.

With notes in the comments section of tasks, when using the Search feature, these notes will be found easily.


Stock means “stock,” which is information that is less likely to change in the future and has a long validity period. This information is ultimately determined through flow. Stock information is still valid until the end of the project. Examples are manual, design document, spec document, …

Stock is information that indicates the outcome of the project. A wiki is a good tool for annotating stocks on them. By keeping this information in mind, you can confirm the effectiveness of the important information.

Tip – Pay attention to the date of the information

* Whether it is Stock or Flow, the date of creation of that information is also important. When using Wiki, if we write down the date of creation, update date, it will be very convenient to look up the revision history later. *

In addition, with information that is highly likely to be edited, if you write the correction date with the edited content, it is easy to understand for the reader.

Linking people around

Get cooperation from the members

In project management, the cooperation of other members is indispensable. For project managers, the ability to collaborate with other members is very important.

All teams must aim for the same goal

A project manager is usually a better person than the people who are managed?

But, the goal of all team members is a successful project, and to reach that common goal, the roles of the manager and the other members are in the same position. Just like the project has only one participant, if that person stops, immediately the progress of the project will be delayed.

Eliminate the obstacles

A project is a series of different tasks, big and small. Chores may be necessary for the project but many tasks that are not related to the nature of the tasks will reduce the productivity of team members. Tasks that are not directly related to the members’ tasks, or those that cannot be done, should be temporarily taken over by the manager. In this way, members will focus on tasks that are directly related to the nature of the project, thereby improving the quality of work.

However, one problem is that when you do so, you will hug too many tasks and the project will be delayed. Therefore, when you feel that there are too many tasks, please divide it appropriately to other members.

It is important that the members work comfortably

Of course, the “members” here include yourself. Create an environment in which members can freely exchange with each other, working with each other, thereby improving productivity at work.

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