Practical experience with integrated washing machine artificial intelligence

Tram Ho

LG AI DD is a washing machine model integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) introduced in Vietnam. Based on data on the amount of clothes to wash, the fabric inside the drum, LG AI DD will automatically optimize the washing process for each different fabric, including washing movement, temperature and washing time. through deep-learning technology. The result is cleaner clothes while 18% better protection of the fibers.

Is the information from LG as advertised? To verify this, technology experts washed different types of clothes with LG AI DD, then used a super-close-up device (macro) to clearly see each fabric and check the effectiveness of the protective clothing.

Trải nghiệm thực tế máy giặt tích hợp trí tuệ nhân tạo - Ảnh 1.

LG AI DD has a series of sensors, allowing you to determine the hardness and softness of the fabric.

The first test with a mixed batch of laundry includes jeans and more sensitive fabrics such as linen. The results after 30 wash cycles with the automatically proposed LG AI DD cycle, the fabric yarn is almost not deviated from the original.

Trải nghiệm thực tế máy giặt tích hợp trí tuệ nhân tạo - Ảnh 2.

Close-up photos of linen yarn before washing (left) and after 30 washing times (right) with

LG AI DD almost has no deviation

In fact, when washing jeans and soft fabrics together, LG AI DD “understands” that there is soft cotton, so choosing a suitable washing motion to ensure the soft fabric is not damaged, avoiding lint. At the same time, the washing time is calculated enough to ensure that jeans are washed clean. Thus, LG AI DD can achieve two purposes at the same time: Clean clothes but still protected cloth.

Wash every corner of the stain

Not only “know how” to protect clothes, LG AI DD is also known for its outstanding washing ability. To clarify this, experts have dirty two white shirts with soy sauce and coffee. Then put these two shirts in two machines, wash them with other clothes under the same 60 degree hot water washing condition. As a result, the white shirt washed in a conventional washing machine turns an “ivory” color. Looking closely will see the bodice, collar … leaving darker stains.

Meanwhile, the laundry shirt with LG AI DD returns a bright white color like a new one. This not only comes from optimizing washing cycles thanks to artificial intelligence technology with 6 different washing movements, but also by TurboWash 360 technology with 4 3D multidimensional nozzles that can reach any position of clothes, help to dissolve stains as well as soap bubbles.

Trải nghiệm thực tế máy giặt tích hợp trí tuệ nhân tạo - Ảnh 3.

LG AI DD demonstrates clean cleaning performance when it comes to removing stains in difficult-to-clean locations

Trải nghiệm thực tế máy giặt tích hợp trí tuệ nhân tạo - Ảnh 4.

Meanwhile, the white shirt, after washing with other horizontal washing machines, has stained in many places

Another benefit of integrating 4 direct nozzles is helping to save water. Instead of having to submerge the entire garment a few times during the rinsing process that consumes a lot of water, LG AI DD will rotate the washing bucket and the nozzle will flush water continuously from all sides. As a result, clothes are completely rinsed, both in terms of stains and leaving no laundry detergent, while the amount of water used is less.

With the integration of artificial intelligence, LG AI DD has set a new standard in washing clothes. The washing machine does not stop at cleaning but also smartly wash, protect fabrics, wash faster but at the same time save water to increase economic efficiency as well as contribute to environmental protection.

The power of technology is changing the world step by step and LG is one of the pioneering manufacturers in applying AI to life. The CES 2020 Innovation Award and the VNExpress 2020 Digital Innovative Technology Product award for the AI ​​DD washing machine series recognized the non-stop efforts of the Korean electronics corporation.

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