Power outage, a company asks employees to write code on paper: Can’t delay work!

Tram Ho

At around 9 a.m. on March 3, an equipment failure occurred at the Hsinta power plant in Taiwan. Power was cut off immediately, reducing the grid’s ability to supply electricity by a third (about 10.5 million kilowatts), causing a large-scale blackout without warning, causing little At least 5.49 million households have been affected.

The outage also affected many semiconductor, optoelectronics, Apple supply chain, petrochemical companies, steel and other related manufacturers. Damage is estimated to be in the tens of billions of Taiwan dollars.

But during the blackout, something very strange happened. A software development company actually let programmers write code by hand with pen and paper.

Mất điện, một công ty ở Đài Loan yêu cầu nhân viên viết code trên giấy: Không thể trì hoãn tiến độ công việc! - Ảnh 1.

Scene of staff coding on paper.

From the photos that were posted and spread widely on the Internet at about 11am on the same day, it shows that there are at least 6 employees in the office. All were seated in front of personal computers, but lit by cell phone flash, and were all immersed in pen and paper programming.

Beside him was an employee, believed to be the person in charge, standing staring at these employees.

Explaining why it did so, a company employee later said: “There is no way, the project progress cannot be affected just because of a power outage.”

The incident immediately attracted the attention of netizens. Many people expressed praise for the discipline and proficiency of the programmers. However, there is also a view that this may just be a test of employees’ ability, given by management.

Mất điện, một công ty ở Đài Loan yêu cầu nhân viên viết code trên giấy: Không thể trì hoãn tiến độ công việc! - Ảnh 2.

The power went out, so the light was taken from the programmer’s phone.

After emergency repairs, by 12 noon on the same day, about 4 million households were restored to power. The representative of the Hsinta power plant blamed the incident on negligence during the annual maintenance. Meanwhile, several local media have published photos inside the power plant showing a pipeline at the scene that is suspected to have exploded and a leak appeared. The incident is still under investigation.

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