POST method in Python

Tram Ho

The Requests library is a very important aspect of Python for making HTTP requests to a particular path (URL). This article is intended to show you how to make a POST request to a specific path, using the method ### First, let’s learn what POST is POST is a supported request method. by the HTTP protocol when using the Web. Normally, the post method will make a request to the web server (web server) to accept the information sent in the request message body, which is mostly to store it. This content will be used when uploading files or submitting a web form. ### How to make a POST in Python Use the built-in function to call post() with the following syntax: >, params={key: value}, args) Example: import requests # Making a POST request r ='', data ={'key':'value'}) # check status code for response received # success code - 200 print(r) # print content of request print(r.json()) saves the file and starts running. The output will look like below: ![image.png]( 1. Advantages of POST method More security than method GET, because the information the user entered will not show up in the log on the server. The amount of data transmitted by the POST method will be greater than 2. POST method limitations POST history is not cached or browsing history

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