Post-Covid-19 and the “escape” from Silicon Valley of the world’s leading technology engineers

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Sachin Dhar once thought that he and his fiancé had a “good deal” for paying $ 2,650 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in southern San Francisco – a location very close to Facebook’s headquarters. at Menlo Park – where his girlfriend works. But since the world’s largest social network announced that its entire staff could work from home until the end of the year, the young couple’s plans have changed. Dhar (25) had worked remotely for an advertising agency before the outbreak. So they considered moving to an area near a remote rural area to save money on rent.

 Hậu Covid-19 và cuộc “đào tẩu” khỏi thung lũng Silicon của những kỹ sư công nghệ hàng đầu thế giới - Ảnh 1.

In the same mood with Dhar, Dylan Hecklau (32) – employee of technology company Jelli Inc in Silicon Valley is also “moving” to prepare to move house after the company decided to let employees work at home. time. Hecklau is paying more than $ 3,200 per month for apartments in San Francisco and this cost makes many of his other plans delayed. “Nothing keeps me here anymore. I want to save money to travel somewhere, instead of paying expensive rent next to the office as it is now,” Hecklau shared.

Considered to be one of the most expensive housing costs in the world, the Bay Area has faced a crisis of housing prices for many years. According to Bloomberg statistics on the US census, each unit of housing built here from 2011 to 2017 requires 5.4 new jobs. All expenses in the state of San Francisco are always expensive and the average price to own a house is not less than $ 600,000 – twice the price of the average house in the US This means that most Silicon Valley technology engineers choose to hire – so they can come and go at any time.

 Hậu Covid-19 và cuộc “đào tẩu” khỏi thung lũng Silicon của những kỹ sư công nghệ hàng đầu thế giới - Ảnh 2.

Correlation between the average salary of a software engineer and the cost of renting in big cities in the US (Source: Bloomberg)

Recently, tech giants Facebook and Google have both announced that their employees do not need to come to the office from now until the end of the year; while Twitter claims employees can work from home for life if they want. So a lot of Silicon Valley tech engineers are considering moving away from this expensive place to save thousands of dollars every month. Even families with young children are thinking of owning a home with a larger garden in remote areas and away from the Bay Area.

And it is likely that this is the right time than ever for technology engineers to own a home away from the center where they work without having to “rush” to the time or train. Of course, they have plenty of options because the starting salary for a software engineer at Google or Facebook is never under six numbers, according to Glassdoor statistics.

Christy Lake – HR director of Twilio Inc, headquartered in San Fracisco, told Bloomberg that many of the company’s employees have come to the management and human resources director to present the travel plan. Accordingly, the company also plans to at least 20% of employees can work at home long-term. The question, however, is that if employees do not need to go to the office and do not have to pay expensive rent, should the company adjust the salary?

“Choosing between Bay Area or Michigan is not something to consider. However, whether employees choose to leave and work at home for a lifetime, they have the opportunity to advance as employees come to the office. This requires us to have more proactive policies and thinking, “said Human Resources representative Twilio Inc.

Although the technology industry is considered not to be much affected by Covid-19 when almost all of its employees can work from home and connect online, this is an industry that needs a central connection. mind over. Facebook, Google, Apple and many other companies have built “dream” offices in Silicon Valley with dormitories, gyms, even laundry rooms and movie theaters.

So far, whether or not tech workers really leave Silicon Valley to look back in remote rural areas still need time to respond. However, the reality has proven that working remotely online is not a long-term stable solution. In 2013, Yahoo Inc once relaxed the policy of allowing employees to work from home and as a result, they did not have any breakthrough in that year. This forced the company management to ask all employees to continue to come to the office.

“Why would it be San Francisco if it was just like every other American city? Why would Silicon Valley gather thousands, even millions of talent in the technology sector? And why the salary in San Francisco?” Never under six numbers? Of course everything has its price and I believe everything will change when this anti-virus war ends, “said young engineer Dylan Hecklau.

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