Possessing many fashionable technologies, Realme 6 is a smartphone worth buying in the first half of 2020!

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Realme 6 is also a surprise that Realme gives to users in the difficult period of the country. Spend a pleasant price in return for many impressive configuration parameters.

Graceful perforated screen – top notch with a 90Hz refresh rate

Realme has upgraded the screen on Realme 6 with a size of 6.5 inches, Full HD + resolution and uses the graceful form of punching instead of water droplets as previous generations. The position of the selfie camera is set to the left to bring a sense of integrity, a wider display space thanks to the reduced borders, watching videos and playing games “has” a lot more. Perforated screen design is also a mainstream trend of smartphones in 2020.

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Perforated screen, 90Hz frequency helps Realme 6 overpower competitors

The factor that Realme 6 proved to dominate the competitors in the price range is the increased frequency of 90Hz (equal to some high-end smartphone models), half and half compared to the normal 60Hz. Even swipe gestures, quick switching between applications, the home screen, transition effects, web browsing are smoother thanks to the 90Hz refresh rate. Besides, Realme 6 retains vibrant colors, wide viewing angles thanks to high quality IPS panels.

Take diverse, quality photos thanks to a set of 4 high-resolution cameras

Realme started the 4-camera era in the mid-range segment and this is the stage when the company completes with new products. The Realme 6 is equipped with four cameras including a primary sensor of 64MP, an ultra-wide-angle 8MP sensor, a 2MP macro sensor and a 2MP monochrome sensor. With an algorithm combined sensor system, Realme 6 for perfect image quality and diversity in many different environments, scenes, subjects.

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Realme 6 continues to follow the trend of 4 cameras

The 64MP main sensor provides detailed images in a variety of lighting conditions, while the ultra wide-angle sensor will help users to have more photos in tight spaces as well as “super cool” curved effect. Capturing portraits erased fonts on Realme 6 is easy, accurate, with better contrast thanks to the 2MP monochrome sensor. For those who are always looking for a new angle, a macro sensor for the ability to capture close to 4cm distances is particularly feasible.

The strongest point on Realme 6 is the simple, easy-to-use camera application and is powered by powerful AI. It has also been upgraded to Super Night Mode 2.0, which challenges the most difficult situations, the algorithm is optimized, reduces multi-frame noise, for low-light photos without the need for a tripod.

Smartphone specializing in games thanks to strong performance

The Realme 6 is more powerful than its predecessor thanks to the Helio G90T processor manufactured specifically for gaming tasks with two options of 4GB / 8GB RAM and 128GB internal memory. Helio G90T processor provides fast processing speed for all common to heavy tasks such as gaming, video editing.

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Helio G90T processor delivers impressive gaming capabilities

Experiment with popular games in Vietnam such as PUBG Mobile VNG, Mobile Union, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang VNG all reach the highest setting at Full HD + resolution, for a stable frame rate.

It is worth noting that the most powerful performance processor in the mid-range segment, but during operation, the Realme 6 is still very cool, does not cause discomfort for users thanks to the optimal cooling and cooling system. good from the latest Realme UI platform.

Impressive battery life, best VOOC 4.0 fast charging on the market

Realme 6 has two factors that a mid-range smartphone has always lacked in the past including good battery life and fast charging speed. The 4,300mAh battery is sufficient for users to use the machine throughout a long day even though the screen at 90Hz refresh rate.

For normal tasks, using 2 SIMs to make calls, Realme 6 can last up to more than one and a half days of use. Machine can meet more than 6 hours of continuous game play and more than 12 hours of video watching through Youtube with WiFi connection.

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Charging VOOC 4.0 helps Realme 6 to fully charge in just 62 minutes

To ensure smooth, seamless operation, Realme equips the latest VOOC 4.0 charger with up to 30W (5V / 6A) for a full charge time of only 62 minutes and 62% of battery in 30 minutes. charging. Despite its high capacity, the new VOOC charger also makes a mark thanks to the ability to protect the device at the highest level, ensuring the temperature is always balanced, without causing discomfort to the user.

6 million to own Realme 6 is worthy?

Thanks to its powerful performance, high-end 90Hz screen, diverse set of 4 cameras, good battery life and super fast VOOC 4.0, Realme 6 is really worth the user choice in the first half of 2020. Not many products are available. The product possesses fashionable and unique features at a price of 6 million VND.

Sở hữu nhiều công nghệ thời thượng, Realme 6 là smartphone đáng mua nửa đầu năm 2020! - Ảnh 5.

It can be said that Realme 6 has been the manufacturer providing the technology and features of the high line for a mid-range product to support users. From now on, when ordering Realme 6 at Mobile World, users only have to spend 5,990,000 VND – 7,990,000 VND for Realme 6 & 6 Pro. Especially, in the next three days of April 17, 18 and 19, you will have the opportunity to own this new smartphone with a better price now, thanks to the discount program of 600,000 VND, 0% installment payment .

Product reference link: https://www.thegioididong.com/dtdd/realme-6

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