Pokémon Go – New factor that helps increase your store revenue

You are wondering how a game like Pokemon Go can significantly increase your store revenue? You have clicked here, congratulations. Because you will be 10% of the first to apply it to your business store before the remaining 90% know.

How does Pokemon Go work?

First of all we have to understand a bit about Pokemon Go and how to play Pokemon Go: Imagine you are a Pokemon Go Trainer. Your mission is simple to go wandering to find Pokemon and to the PokeStop or GYM to challenge to make money. So in this game it is important to find out where there are many Pokemon, PokeStop and GYM.

(See the game guide here http://bit.ly/2ac076q)

(See game terms: http://bit.ly/29FKTqo)

Going against the problem, Pokemon Go will have what algorithms to choose places to place the GYM, PokeStop and where there are many Pokemon.

Please answer that Pokemon Go developer will choose the places:

  • One is the famous building areas (Example: American White House is a GYM).
  • Two are places where there are many check-in or more simply where there are many people who use Internet behavior there (Example: A popular check-in tourist destination)
  • Three is the place where many people "drop their hearing" (hearing or bait is an item used to lure Pokemon closer, not create a GYM)

CONCLUSION: These three places will be the three places where Pokemon Go players will lead themselves to.

You must have understood the problem a bit. Now Tri will mention some methods to increase sales for the store:

Turn your store into an "attractive" place for Pokemon Go trainers

Imagine: You start a cafe and your cafe on the Map of Pokemon Go is a GYM, how many people will come to eat girders every day in your shop?

So how to turn your store into a "fascinating" place:

  1. Play a lot (Lure Module) at your store and inform everyone about catching Pokemon (Listen to the Lure Module in the game for 100 coins / 100 coin for $ 0.99)
  2. If you haven't opened a store yet, choose a store location near the GYM or use Google Map Maker to create your company location on Google Maps and invite more people to Check-in to turn your store into PokeStop.
  3. Discount promotion for gamers Pokemon Go
  4. Like Share Fanpage programs + Check-in stores give Pokemon items

Programs to attract customers Pokemon Go are prosperous in the world:

  • Even criminals know how to use this technique to steal, why we don't know how to lure customers. See the article here: http://bit.ly/29RRWx5
  • Hearing drop restaurant increased 75% of revenue. See the article here: http://bit.ly/29FLmZI
  • 13 Businesses that are getting smart with Pokemon Go – extract 9gag


Writer Vo Minh Tri

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