Playing table tennis indoors, filming Vlog: Wuhan people seek entertainment when stuck in the mind of translation

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The traffic routes are locked

The 11-million-city in Hubei Province was frozen for nearly a week as Chinese officials tried to control the spread of the Corona virus, killing 170 people and making 7,700 sick, as of January 30. .

Flights, trains and buses leaving Wuhan were canceled, the highway leaving the city, as well as the entire urban public route, were stopped. On Sunday, the city even banned private vehicles traveling on the road, to discourage people from going out.

Chơi bóng bàn trong nhà, quay Vlog: Người Vũ Hán tìm cách giải trí khi kẹt trong tâm dịch - Ảnh 1.

The street in Wuhan is empty. Photo: CNN.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang went to Wuhan on Monday to check on the situation and reassure the people.

There is no doubt about the severity of the disease outbreak, but amid fear of the spread of Corona virus, many people are seeking to entertain themselves in their own homes.

“Things that Chinese people can entertain in the living room” have become a hot topic on social networking site Weibo, garnering 230 million views.

One video shows that Chinese people try every activity to kill time: playing table tennis on the dinner table, playing badminton with a rope between the TV and a fake dresser to make a net …

“After the epidemic ends, they will become sports champions,” one user commented on Weibo.

Chơi bóng bàn trong nhà, quay Vlog: Người Vũ Hán tìm cách giải trí khi kẹt trong tâm dịch - Ảnh 2.

People line up in front of a supermarket in Wuhan. Photo: CNN.

Some other people are less active. “I have only been in the house for 5 days. Everyday, I only eat and sleep. I sleep so much that my back and neck hurt,” said Zhang, a social networking user and resident of Wuhan. .

“Suddenly I understand why people take their dogs for a walk every day. I also want to go out for a walk. Thank goodness my house is big enough,” he added.

His solution is indoor dance. In a video that is circulating on social networks, his family also joins, having fun dancing in colorful pajamas.

People joke that the Wuhan people can make a big contribution to the country by simply doing nothing and lying on the couch.

Evening of the same day, residents can hear the shout “Go ahead, Wuhan!” and the singing of the national anthem from the balconies of high-rise buildings, according to the videos taken by mobile phones shared on social networks.

However, not all Wuhan residents support this, suggesting that the Corona virus can be spread when people scream on the balcony.

Record daily life with vlog

Some Wuhan residents are also recording their daily lives through videos shared with the outside world.

Li Xiaolei, a radio DJ in the city, began recording his life the day after the city was blockaded on Thursday. On Saturday, Li filmed a video of him grocery shopping with a neighbor.

From inside Li’s car looked out, the street was almost empty. Inside the local shopping mall, the restaurants were closed. Shoppers line up outside the supermarket to check the temperature before entering. Inside, the smell of disinfectant remains in the air, Li said. Supermarkets are so busy that they can’t even put the meat in the refrigerator, Li said in the video.

“The overall atmosphere is quite tense – tense but orderly,” Li added.

On the way home, Li also expressed concern about the danger when he and his neighbors went shopping in such a crowded place. However, the neighbor said that there was no other option because all supermarkets were equally crowded.

The ban on personal vehicles took effect on Sunday, hours after Li uploaded his video. “Right now private cars are no longer allowed and there is no public transportation, I’m a little confused – what if there is an emergency?” Li said.

Another video was shot by Lin Chen on Friday, a day after the city closure order was issued, showing the streets in the downtown area, underground car parks all empty.

“I know some scenes look like in a movie – streets without a single person, a city suddenly blockaded, but we all know that this is not a movie. “, Lin said in the video.

A food delivery guy told Lin that people were almost out of order – he only received 5 orders that day, a fraction of what it was on weekdays.

“In my view, everyone in the city is still orderly. I see everyone trying to keep the city running as usual. Everyone wants to do the right thing, to make things better.” “, Lin said at the end of the video.

“This is Wuhan with the least and most orderly number of people in more than 10 years. Because no matter what, this is still the home of 11 million people,” he added.

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