Players sue SEGA for false advertising: gamers are very lucky to “take” the slot game prize, the company said that if you have skills, you can win

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Although advertised as a game that uses skills and reflexes, players believe that the arcade machine is set to fail the player, making the game based on luck rather than individual ability.

Marcelo Muto filed the lawsuit in California state court, and the suit includes a claim of $5 million distributed equally to defrauded consumers. The allegation mentions the names of entertainment centers Sega, Play It and Komuse America (co-producer of Key Master machines).

Người chơi kiện SEGA quảng cáo sai sự thật: game thủ may mắn lắm mới ẵm giải game xèng, hãng thì bảo có kỹ năng là thắng được - Ảnh 1.

Key Master promises prizes like iPads, headphones and other valuable electronics.

Key Master has long been the target of numerous lawsuits in the past, starting in 2013. The lawsuits allege the machines are set up to only allow players to win prizes at certain intervals.

You’ve probably heard of Key Master machines in shopping malls or entertainment centers, with prizes like iPads, headphones, and other valuable electronics. To play, you have to put the key in the correct lock by pressing the button to stop the movement of the mechanical arm, If the key is successfully inserted into the lock, you will win the prize. The problem is that these machines are programmed to only allow players to win after a certain number of losses.

Muto’s lawyer said: ” The defendant did not inform the consumer of the fact that these machines were set up to only allow players to win at certain intervals .”

If it’s not yet the award cycle, the machine is programmed to always slip the lock even when the player presses the button at the right time, leaving the player with no choice but to give up. A YouTube video has shown proof: the player with the nickname Claw Craziness said that if he knew some secrets of the machine, he could guess when the machine was not ready to play.

Người chơi kiện SEGA quảng cáo sai sự thật: game thủ may mắn lắm mới ẵm giải game xèng, hãng thì bảo có kỹ năng là thắng được - Ảnh 2.

The problem is that this game is not advertised as a game of chance. It is presented as a skill-based game, The lawyers argue that the deception behind this game is that it will not award the prize until it is qualified as programmed. This is clearly written in the user manual of the game console, which is filed with the lawsuit as evidence. In the screenshot of the manual Key Master reads: “The machine will not award prizes until the number of plays reaches a threshold set by the administrator. “The default number is 700 times, but each facility can adjust to this number.

In 2015, SEGA and another player settled another lawsuit, but this settlement was dismissed by the judge for a number of administrative reasons such as excessive attorneys’ fees and failure to identify and compensate affected victims. In 2019, the state of Arizona sued a company distributing arcade machines Beston Coin-Op over the mechanism of the SEGA Key Master machine. Prosecutor Mark Brnovich said that the nature of Key Master is similar to slot machines that are only allowed to operate in licensed casinos.

Người chơi kiện SEGA quảng cáo sai sự thật: game thủ may mắn lắm mới ẵm giải game xèng, hãng thì bảo có kỹ năng là thắng được - Ảnh 3.

Prior to that, Arizona filed a criminal case against defendant Jonathan Sanborn, who licensed the use of Key Master machines to Betson company for 2 years. This company has set the machine to only win after 2,200 losing games. In this lawsuit, Betson settled for $1 million and agreed not to sell or sell Key Master machines in Arizona.

Key Master is no longer listed on the SEGA Amusement Park website. However, the game was renamed Prize Locker. Still the same old design, but SEGA said this game is definitely a game of skill. In the lawsuit, Muto’s lawyer said that the Prize Locker and the converter (which allows the Key Master operator to disable programming to turn the game into a 100% skill game) were released because SEGA itself recognized it. they cannot sell this game to many parts of the world because it is not allowed by law. Therefore, the lawyer concluded that SEGA had admitted itself that they had installed the Key Master game.

Despite being pulled from the SEGA Amusement Park website, Key Master machines are still circulating around the world.

The respondent has refused to stop the deception and continue to manufacture and advertise the Key Master consoles as a game of skill rather than an illegal game of chance. This action only benefits the defendant .”

SEGA or Komuse both declined to comment when interviewed by Polygon.

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