People ‘s company: Twitter allows employees to work from home’ forever ‘

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Even when the COVID-19 translation is over, Twitter employees can work from home ‘permanently’ if desired. This is a decision just made by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the representative of this social network said.

The reopening of our office is decided by us ,” the Twitter spokesman said. ” But when employees return to work at the office will be their own decision.

Công ty nhà người ta: Twitter cho phép nhân viên làm việc tại nhà mãi mãi - Ảnh 1.

The representative of Twitter also affirmed that the special organizational structure of Twitter Inc allows its employees to be able to work effectively anywhere.

The past few months have proven that working from home is still very effective ,” said the Twitter representative. ” So if our employees wish to continue working at home forever, we will meet this desire.”

On the contrary, they can still return to the office with a warm welcome and safety measures, but only if we feel the situation is more stable.

Twitter’s new policy comes as businesses across the United States are still struggling to adapt to social spacing measures, as well as how they work after the pandemic ends.

Công ty nhà người ta: Twitter cho phép nhân viên làm việc tại nhà mãi mãi - Ảnh 2.

Like Twitter, a series of large technology companies such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have also been deploying a home-based model for several months. All of these companies are also very cautious about plans to allow employees to return to the office.

Google recently confirmed that most of its employees will work from home until the end of this year. Facebook, meanwhile, is expected to reopen its office after National Day (July 4), but will still allow employees to work from home until early 2021.

As for Twitter, in an internal email sent to his staff, CEO Jack Dorsey said that Twitter is unlikely to reopen the office before September. year. Twitter will also revisit its plans for 2021.

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