Pascal for high school program – efficient or outdated?

Tram Ho

It all originated from a simple confession on the Programmer Confession that sparked a heated debate about the current high school program, a period considered a rather important stepping stone, the time when the students must Discover yourself and your passion, prepare a long future ahead.

Preliminary about Pascal

Pascal is a command-based computer programming language, developed by Niklaus Wirth in 1970, which is a language particularly suitable for structured programming. Pascal is based on the ALGOL programming language and is named after the mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal .

In general, Pascal is a language that has achieved great success, but gradually lost interest from the technology community, and was gradually replaced. Currently, turboPascal has faded away, but its variants like Delph are still used in some programs, though not yet able to beat today’s top languages.

Language of teaching

Pascal began to appear with the purpose of teaching, and many years passed, many still believed that the language was still more suitable for teaching than other young languages. The language is carefully deliberately cut to lighten the direction of the students in the right direction: Structured programming.

Different opinions

According to some, let students grasp the realities that occur in the software market, as well as update the latest knowledge; The school needs to make changes and improvements in the program to bring them newer, more real, and more applicable languages. For example, languages ​​like C are quite similar to Pascal, but are widely used.

But most people seem to disagree, saying that no matter what language, students will learn logical thinking and logical structure, most necessary for a programmer in every stage, every tool.

What do Vietnamese programmers say?

Confession text:

“Hello everyone, this year I am in the 11th grade. My dream is to become a professional developer. My current curriculum is Pascal. Because I find this language too old, so I believe that I have loudly spoken to her for teaching and the whole class is that the language is too old-fashioned, not learning to do anything! My teacher taught me quite contemptuously and told me many students in the previous school, she used to train in college telling her that “level 3 study pascal to university is very easy!” processing. You give me ideas about studying Pascal with.
P / s: I am trying to try hard pascal to show you. ”

Highlights in the comment section:

My friend: “I am in 11th grade, I used to study pascal, now studying C ++ and I feel that after learning pascal, learning C ++ and other programming languages ​​becomes simpler! You said no wrong Pascal, but it’s a solid fulcrum for your later algorithms! ”

Nguyen’s Poet: “Language is the first time the algorithm is forever. In c3 pascal is just a tool for me to get used to programming. If I like other languages, I can study by myself, but speaking truthfully at university next to teachers who have taught, I can study for myself. Do what you love in the way you love. Dear”

Mr. Tung Nguyen: “You say it is quite right, you know thinking but not to give Python to teach, think, and touch new technology.
Children do not know what to do, adults know (or maybe her grandmother does not know) without explaining to the students is even more reprehensible. It’s basically because of my GD background… too, the girl explains each other’s understanding, then nothing happens. ”

You Bui Trung Hai: “I think it’s reasonable. If learning to learn to become familiar with programming, C / C ++ is a good language to start with, even if I find access to C / C ++ is faster than Pascal. If learning to practice algorithmic thinking, then C / C ++ is also a better language to represent and illustrate algorithms. In general, I still do not understand where Pascal’s learning was earlier than the previous C / C ++ study: D ”

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Source : ITZone