Pandemic season subsidy – floor discount up to 70% on Partron Bluetooth headset models on Shopee

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Partron PBE-100 . Bluetooth Headset

List price 890,000 VND, 70% off to 265,000 VND

Partron PBE-100 is a Bluetooth headset designed specifically for sports training with an extremely compact design and ultra-light weight of only 13g. In the low-cost segment, Partron still equips its headset with Qualcomm’s high-end Apt-X audio codec to make music more detailed and vivid. The control key cluster is monolithic to help users perform music and call handling operations entirely on the headset.

Trợ giá mùa dịch – giảm kịch sàn tới 70% các mẫu tai nghe Bluetooth Partron trên Shopee - Ảnh 1.

IPX4 waterproof standard helps you comfortably practice sports without worrying about the headset getting sweaty or under light drizzle. Despite its small size, the PBE-100 still possesses an impressive battery life of up to 7 hours of continuous use and a standby time of up to 300 hours, fully recharging the battery only takes about 1.5 hours. In addition, the PBE-100 is also equipped with up to 2 microphones for calls. The headset has 2 personality color options, blue and red.

This is an extremely worth buying headset from Korean audio company Partron with a promotional price of only VND 265,000 with a 12-month 1-to-1 exchange warranty. Hurry up and order here!

Partron PBH-200 Bluetooth Headset

List price is 1,190,000 VND, down 68% to 385,000 VND

Trợ giá mùa dịch – giảm kịch sàn tới 70% các mẫu tai nghe Bluetooth Partron trên Shopee - Ảnh 2.

If you are a busy person who often has to answer calls and still want to relieve stress with lively music, the Partron PBH-200 is the optimal choice. You will absolutely not have to touch your phone because the headset will vibrate very strongly to notify you when there is an incoming call, call handling and music operations are also done entirely on the headset. . The PBH-200 is equipped with CVC-2-MIC noise cancellation technology that eliminates environmental noises so as not to affect your calls. In terms of sound, the PBH-200 is equipped with Qualcomm’s Apt-X audio codec with 8mm Dynamic Driver drivers, balanced V-Shape sound in the bands. The PBH-200 has an impressive battery life of up to 13 hours of continuous use and a standby time of 500 hours to help you comfortably use it for a whole week before it has to be recharged. The headset has up to 4 color options for you: blue, black, burgundy and white.

The PBH-200 is listed at a price of up to 1,190,000 VND, but today on Shopee you can own this high quality Made in Korea headset at an extremely attractive price for only 385,000 VND. Hurry up and buy one right here!

Partron Bluetooth Headset PBH-400

List price is 1,590,000 VND, 70% off to 490,000 VND

Trợ giá mùa dịch – giảm kịch sàn tới 70% các mẫu tai nghe Bluetooth Partron trên Shopee - Ảnh 3.

Right from the launch Partron PBH-400 has made a strong impression on the audio world by the sound quality it brings. This is the first Bluetooth headset model to be equipped with SF Driver (Superior Fidelity Driver) technology, a technology developed by Sonic and equipped with the PBH-400. The driver design is made of 3 layers of 46nm thick instead of 1 layer like conventional headphones, so it has a wide response range from 10Hz – 40kHz, equivalent to Hi-res devices. Evaluation of sound quality, Partron PBH has deep, thick bass and less roll-off. The mid range is the most impressive point with the reproduction of the instrument’s voice and the vocalist’s voice is very clean, smooth and completely without glare when going high in the high-mid range. The treble is also clearly and fully expressed when the headphones are able to respond to sound waves at frequencies up to 40kHz.

Trợ giá mùa dịch – giảm kịch sàn tới 70% các mẫu tai nghe Bluetooth Partron trên Shopee - Ảnh 4.

About design Partron PBH-400 has a rather soft and compact design, equipped with an anti-tangle flat cord that makes it comfortable to put in a backpack or bag when not in use. With the control key cluster, you can perform all music and call handling operations on the headset. Simultaneously press the power key and the key – while listening to music to switch EQ from bass – treble – normal according to music taste. Another great feature of the PBH-400 is the ability to connect 2 phones, laptops, and tablets at the same time to help you study, work and play at the same time.

Partron PBH-400 will surely satisfy the most demanding audiophiles by the sound quality it brings. In addition, with the features equipped, the PBH-400 will also be an effective assistant for your work and study. Buy this one at this quality at a very special price today only on Shopee here

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