Over 15 million USD suddenly “poured into” investment account, a man suddenly became a millionaire

Tram Ho

According to CCTV Finance, the man surnamed Long saw the money “poured in” at 14:30. On Christmas Day, his fortune increased by 100 million yuan, or 15.6 million dollars.

Long, who lives in Guizhou province, said he regularly trades stocks but has so far only invested about $940 through the Changjiang Securities E-Stock trading app.


Hơn 15 triệu USD bất ngờ "đổ về" tài khoản đầu tư, một người đàn ông bỗng dưng trở thành triệu phú - Ảnh 1.

Excited to receive such a large amount, Long took a screenshot of his portfolio and sent it to friends. However, Long’s wealth only lasted for 1 day. Immediately after receiving the money, the entire balance in his account was lost, including the $940 that he had deposited.

Changjiang Securities E-Stock’s customer service department said the problem was caused by a system check over the weekend and that they had restored the funds in Long’s account. The company added that it will return the money he invested in the next few days.

A friend of Long shared: “I told him, you can become a millionaire in minutes.”

Long’s rapid wealth has attracted a lot of attention in China. Many posts about his rare story have nearly 170 million views on the social network Weibo.

One user said: “He can at least say he’s a millionaire once in his life.”

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Source : Genk