Oracle’s new supercomputer is made up of 1,060 Raspberry Pi

Tram Ho

At Oracle’s OpenWorld conference on Monday, the company demonstrated a Raspberry Pi supercomputer, made up of a combination of 1,060 tiny Raspberry Pi.

This supercomputer consists of many racks, each containing 21 Raspberry Pi 3 B +. For all of these to work together, the system runs on Oracle Autonomous Linux.

When asked why to create a Raspberry Pi like this without using an Arm virtualization server, a company representative simply replied … because it looks good!

Siêu máy tính mới của Oracle được tạo thành từ 1.060 chiếc Raspberry Pi - Ảnh 1.

Oracle engineers connected Raspberry Pi devices to a series of switches (Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 48s) and uplink them with SFP + 10GbE transceiver. These Raspberry will be powered by a series of USB power supplies.

Each Pi connects to a Supermicro 1U Xeon server, serving as a central storage server for the entire supercomputer. The Oracle engineering team also created custom 3D printed frames to keep the Pi from moving and connecting other components.

Pairing all of these Raspberry Pi basically doesn’t offer much of a performance advantage, but such interesting supercomputer projects can help enhance the research and learning experience. Of course, this product will not be marketed, but it is a really interesting example of the great things you can do with a $ 35 computer.

Reference: Tom’s Hardware

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