Oracle Commerce Lift-and-Shift to AWS

Tram Ho

Legacy ecommerce websites face cost, elasticity, availability, and scalability challenges on-premises. Lift-and-shift to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a relatively painless first step toward modernization, giving you the benefit of unlimited resources to scale your ecommerce website as needed.

  1. A single Region and single Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on-par with the on-premises data center.
  2. Multiple Availability Zones (AZs) provide resilience and high availability for the production workload
  3. An AWS Partner solution to run production workload on Oracle RAC.
  4. Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) distributes network traffic to improve the scalability and availability of your applications across multiple AZs.
  5. Amazon CloudFront provides a highly secure and programmable content delivery network (CDN).
  6. AWS WAF is the web application firewall that protects the ecommerce website against common web exploits.
  7. Amazon Route 53 provides domain name service (DNS) configuration.
  8. Amazon ElastiCache for Redis provides the caching mechanism for performance.
  9. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) for shared file storage is mounted to every Oracle Commerce instance.
  10. Amazon CloudWatch is used for application logging, monitoring, and alarms.
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Source : Viblo