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Recently, Mobifone’s C120N promotion package with integrated data and voice minutes for customers has attracted the attention of many subscribers and registered. This package offers preferential data up to 120GB and free on-net calls, plus 50 minutes of off-net voice. With attractive offers, that’s why it receives loads of interest from mobile users.

Continuing a series of sharing and companion campaigns of MobiFone with customers in difficult epidemic times, especially when Covid-19 is still complicated, .. On the occasion of the country’s National Day (2 / 9), Mobifone continues to offer promotions to receive prize codes to win iPhoneX. This is a rare opportunity for customers to own high-end iPhoneX phones when they sign up for the C120N package.

Accordingly, pre-paid and post-paid mobile subscribers of MobiFone nationwide when registering the C120N package in September and October 2020 will receive the prize code and have the opportunity to own a 64GB iPhone X.

Cơ hội sở hữu iPhoneX chỉ với 90k cùng MobiFone - Ảnh 1.

In addition to the opportunity to win valuable products, when registering the C120N package, customers enjoy useful values ​​from the service such as having 4Gb / day high speed data, free 1000 minutes of on-net calls, 50 minutes to call off-net for 30 days with the price of 90,000 VND for the first 2 cycles, from the third cycle is 120,000 VND.

With the meaning of supporting sharing the buying translation community, in addition, customers also get 1GB of free data used for ifix, nct, tiktok applications (1GB / application). Customers compose DV8 C120N syntax and send to 9084, applicable to subscribers who are eligible for support from MobiFone (with monthly fee below 90,000 VND in the last 3 months).

For customers who need to make voice calls and access the network regularly, registering the C120N package of Mobifone network is an option that should not be missed. All mobile needs of customers will be thoroughly met and satisfied when customers satisfy their desires. With cost savings compared to incentives, subscribers will no longer be pressured to use mobile features each time.

It is known that the promotion will start from September 1 to October 31, 2020. All prepaid and paid subscribers after switching to a 4G SIM card, or successfully registering the packages: C120 , 3C120, 6C120, 12C120, C120N, C200N for prepaid subscribers. And package 2MF150, 6MF150, 12MF150, MF200, 6MF200, 12MF200 for postpaid subscribers will immediately receive the prize code to participate in the dial-up program with a total prize value of more than 4.4 billion.

The award structure of the program includes: 129 first prizes, one iPhone X 64GB each; And 29,000 consolation prizes, in the form of adding VND 29,000 to the main account (applicable to prepaid subscribers) and subtracting VND 29,000 from bills (applicable to postpaid subscribers).

The representative of MobiFone said: “The program will dial a number using computer software to identify the winner. The winning code will be randomly selected by the computer system. The prize will be held once a week and MobiFone will send notification messages to the winning customers “.

Cơ hội sở hữu iPhoneX chỉ với 90k cùng MobiFone - Ảnh 2.

C120N package with great incentives, high chance of owning an iPhone. However, subscribers should also note: This package is currently applied to new mobile subscribers of Mobifone network from May 1, 2020 onwards, subscribers who change the number to Mobifone and other The subscriber receives an SMS invitation to register from the Mobifone switchboard.

The C120N package has an automatic renewal feature, so customers do not need to re-register but only need to ensure enough balance to meet the package fee, from 120,000 VND onwards.

When using all the offers added in the day from the package, the system will disconnect, customers will not have to worry about arising fees. If wishing to continue using, customers can purchase additional 4G Mobifone from the D5 package to use.

Privileges for on-net calls exceeding 20 minutes will be charged according to the carrier’s regulations from the 21st minute. If incentives for calls on the network exceed 50 minutes, incurred charges will be incurred according to regulations.

When you want to look up the remaining offers of the package, subscribers write the syntax: KT ALL send to 999. It can be said that Mobifone’s C120N package is the perfect choice for customers to use freely on their mobile devices. my movement.

Cơ hội sở hữu iPhoneX chỉ với 90k cùng MobiFone - Ảnh 3.

With attractive incentives and reasonable rates, the C120N Mobifone package will satisfy all mobile subscribers when registering to use, especially during the promotion period until October 31, 2020 promises to There are many registered customers.

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