Oppo sells super fast charging technology VOOC Flash Charging for Anker and a host of other companies

Tram Ho

Recently, Oppo has announced that it has just signed a license agreement to use super fast charging technology VOOC Flash Charging for 8 companies operating in the field of manufacturing devices and mobile chips. The deal will allow 8 companies, mainly Chinese companies, to launch VOOC Flash Charging devices that support charging technology.

Previously, in November last year, Oppo also signed a similar agreement with about 6 companies. Adding 8 new companies to this “alliance” will help Oppo further expand the presence of VOOC charging technology.

Eight new companies have just signed an agreement with Oppo including Anker accessory maker and a number of other Chinese companies.

Oppo bán công nghệ sạc siêu nhanh VOOC Flash Charging cho Anker và một loạt công ty khác - Ảnh 1.

Sharing about this partnership, Mr. Feng Ying, Oppo’s Intellectual Property Manager, said: “Fast charging technology VOOC Flash Charging reflects Oppo’s leading position technically in the field of fast charging, Greatly improving the user’s device charging experience, we’re glad to be able to push the fast-charging ecosystem of VOOC by granting the right to use the technology, currently, Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charging has 14 Great partners in the industry. In the future, we will grant the right to use technology to more businesses and more fields. “

Currently, Oppo has many different VOOC versions such as VOOC, VOOC Mini and SuperVOOC. Besides, Oppo has also successfully developed 15W wireless fast charging technology. Last year, Oppo proudly announced that more than 100 million devices globally are using their fast charging technology VOOC Flash Charging.

VOOC Flash Charge uses low voltage solution and high amperage to provide 2 hours of call after 5 minutes of charging. Meanwhile, the VOOC Mini is used to create smaller sized tubers. Finally, SuperVOOC is the technology for high-end smartphones with maximum charging capacity of up to 50W, fully charging smartphones in 35 minutes.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ